Monday, October 04, 2010

Antique Row and Arts Colony

So, back to Labor Day weekend in California on Saturday my niece picked us up and drove us to the City of Pomona to Antique Row and Arts Colony. She had been wanting to take me here for a while now so this was finally our chance.

My entourage.

Something about antique stores is fascinating. The amount of history inside those stores is unbelievable, from toys to furniture, and from comic strip magazines to old LP records. There is so much to be found in there. Not to mention the endless amount of photo ops we had. They were clicking those cameras like there was not tomorrow.

Persnickity Antiques.

After a little bit over an hour of browsing we decided to go eat as we were all starving. We all agreed for chicken and this cool restaurant named Juan Pollo. Hey, at least the name was cool, but actually the chicken was decent too.

After eating we all headed to the Arts Colony side and the girls found these store that sells previously used clothes and they had a ball trying all the different outfits and hats. They actually purchased among other things a sort of Princess/QuinceaƱera dama type of dress. While they had their fun in there, my sister and I walked around the amphitheater and we also photograph the awesome mural on the adjacent building.

We spent a good amount of time just in that area, then finally we walked to were the train stop was. The architecture of the bridge crossing over the tracks was very interesting. While we were there about four trains passed. Who knew having a moving train as a background for some of the pics and videos would be so exciting.

The bridge.

My nieces all love to visit this place and now I know why. You can actually spend a good amount of time doing nothing but having a good time while browsing and perusing through the isles of stuff for sale. I too made a purchase, an old Mustang tin for my garage and I paid the whopping amount of $11.00. Now I have promised them that next time they come to visit me I'll take them to all the antique stores in historic Gleandale Arizona.



Wanda said...

What fun.... I love it that you are having such good trips to CA, and having so many lovely ladies to escort you... Lucky man!!!

MrManuel said...

Man, that looks like a great place to take pictures!

Jose said...

Wanda, there's one more outing form that trip that was fun. I'll do that one next.

MrManuel - You would love it, that building with the mural, we could have practically diseminate it inch by inch. There is so much detail and color it's amazing.

Crystal said...


Oh I am DYING to check out the thrift shops out there! So sad our last trip gave us little to no time for anything =(

Soon I hope! ♥

ChrisJ said...

WoW! What a great selection of photographs -- and what an entourage!! You MUST be cool! I'd like to do that Antique Row. That is somewhere we really ought to make the effort to visit. It's not too far away and arts and antiques are my favorites. I hardly ever go to the mall. I'm not that kind of shopper. But we have one major trip coming up in about three weeks and then it will be almost Christmas. So it will have to be in the New Year.

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