Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend in Cali... Part II

Friday was spent mostly at my sister's house because she had a job interview (pray she gets the job) so I did a little blogging and rested from the night before. When she finally came back we got ready and left for the City of Monrovia where every Friday night on Myrtle street they have a fair and many vendors sell their products. The restaurants are plenty busy and many of them with live entertainment, from a single guy playing his guitar to a full four and five member band.

The Heart of the Community

Monrovia's Old Town is the heart of the community.

It's where Monrovia began. It's where Monrovia gathers today for civic events, for parades and for the Family Festival street fair and farmer's market...

Every Friday night, from March through to Christmas, thousands of residents and visitors alike mingle at the largest street fair of its kind in the state, with craft and food booths, kiddie rides, a certified farmer's market, live music and more.

Old Town is where the entire region comes for shopping, dining and entertainment in a unique atmosphere.

Myrtle Avenue's shops and restaurants, it's 12-screen movie palace and its small-town ambiance, combined with plenty of free parking, draw shoppers and diners alike. But small businesses thrive above the shops as well, and people live in condos and flats within Old Town, making it a living community, a safe and people-friendly neighborhood.

It was easy to spend some time there and it would have been easier to spend some money too if I had taken any. So many un-needed that I would like to have just for the heck of having them. Yep! Smartest thing to do when you go to places like this is to unload yourself of money before you go. Je, je, je, that could also be called being cheap.

Lions and tigers and Joe Cools oh my! We came to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Monrovia

As usual the picture snapping was more than enough for me, and with the night being a bit on the cold side it felt good walking around with the jacket zipped all the way up.

Coolest hats/scarfs if you ask me.

My tocayo Fidel and I.

Scenes from Myrtle street's fair.

A couple of hours later we headed towards The City of Commerce where we met Lucio, Rafa, and the rest of Chely's gang at the restaurant Casa Cabral for some more karaoke. The night went pretty good and as always we had a blast but note to self, DO NOT share your tequila with your light weight sister, enough said. :)

Be smart, just say NO!



Chely y Ana.

My little sister and I.

For the second night in a row we stayed up late or should I say early as we finally came back to my sister's house at 3:00 a.m. in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love your photos of Monrovia.
Anytime I decide to go "without cruise" the lights I see.. are CHP lights. I like getting back to AZ where the speed limits are higher, the cameras are gone and I can talk on my cell phone! :)

authenticlabel said...

Hi Jose is mi la Equiumiiiiiii me recuerdas o no jejeje !!!
It was nice spending time with you and chelly
Hope to see you back in la puente soon take care.

Jose said...

Oh no it has been such a long time that I had forgotten you already... Not!

Thank you Ana, I really did have a great time and will tell Chely to be ready for the next trip so we can go out until freaking 5:00 am again. lol

Sandy said...

Great photos and I enjoyed seeing the street fair. I forgot about this. I use to work just a few miles up on California st and would go to this once in awhile.

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