Monday, December 27, 2010


This is what makes my Christmas happy.

I did have a Merry Christmas, I am blessed to have my mom, my kids, my grand kids, and pretty much my entire family here with me. It is inevitable that as the family keeps growing customs change, right now the one pillar that continues to keep us together is my mom. She is fundamental in my life and I for one have been enjoying her as much as I possibly can.

If I think back, I cannot remember a Christmas without my mom. Yes there were a few during the time that some of us were here in Arizona and she still remained in California but that would not last because my parents made the wise decision to move here to be closer to us.

It is said that parents have kids and that it's our responsibility to raise them good and to eventually turn them lose to make a life of their own but no where it says that we have to be apart so I too continue to enjoy them as much as I can while I have them close to me. I know people that aren't as lucky as I am in that their kids and grand kids leave miles and miles away and they only get to visit once or twice a year if they are lucky.

Thank God and some very smart people for the Internet, at least now they can stay in contact through pictures and even through video. Still, not the same as having those little bodies so close to you that you can hug and kiss them at will.

Although I spent Christmas Eve with my family Christmas Day I spent by myself, something I had not ever done before.

I hope your Christmas was as blessed as mine was.

Granpa and Arielle.

Grandpa and Atallie.

My beautiful niece Marya and I.

Here I am with my sister Elena.

Michelle and I sandwiching Diego.

Here I am with my nieces from Church and fellow choir singers.


Wanda said...

Jose, what a beautiful family. Every picture just warmed my heart...especially with those grandkids.

Love and Hugs and blessings for a Happy New Year.

ChrisJ said...

Wonderful photos, Jose. Family is #1 and you are all so good looking and happy.

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