Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tribute To a Most Wonderful Woman

...Wife, Mom, Daughter, Grandma, Godmother, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Friend and everything in between.

I wonder if she still uses the name "Sancha Melchor" up there in the celestial FaceBook network and still doesn't want to be found? Ja, ja, too late because we all know where she is and we all continue to "bug" her with our endless requests and to rely on her and her always wise advice.
Written with my kids in mind but meant to be shared will all of you my family and friends.

One year has passed and swooshed over my head. Where did it go?

Last year after attending Ducky’s birthday party, weak as she was, Sylvia decided she wanted to have her nails done, so together we went to the Salon and not only did she get her nails done but she also got a pedicure. I sat next to her getting a massage while we commented on how lucky we were.

We were all broke and some of you were already saying you felt bad for not having presents for us. The funny thing is that I remember both of us telling you how we were getting the ultimate Christmas present from all of you, and that was the fact that as different and weird you all are in a nice kindda way we just loved how all of you get along with each other. Yes, we know there are conflicts once in a while but for the most part you always conquer them and then move along.

I am sure she is still very happy because you guys continue to be nice to each other, and rely on one another, which is what being a family is all about. One thing I can assure you is she always thought of family being first otherwise she would not have helped you all as much as she did, and yes sometimes even behind my back if it involved money. Sneaky woman wasn’t she.

Today marks the first anniversary of her passing to a better life, and let me tell you that I personally think she is doing an awesome job as an angel. I hear she took care of three wonderful kids before sending them to us. She manifests herself through the rain every 22nd day of the month (except maybe last month as she took a day off cause it was her birthday month) and to date has come to visit many of you through your dreams.

This only tells me one thing and this is that GONE SHE IS NOT, her body is but not her heart and soul. She is as present today as she ever was, not a day goes by that I don’t see her photo and say goody bye as I go to work, I practically quote her everyday, thank her for teaching me how to cook so I don’t starve, see her when I see Nichole and Michelle, specially Michelle whom at times is like a mini her, and sometimes even when looking at Kika, spooky yes I know, but so true. And I won’t say anything about the correlation of Juan and Diego, but you all know what I am talking about.

Regardless of what the future may bring for me one thing is for certain my past will never ever change, that is documented and archived and filed in my memories so that I can always carry it with me wherever I go and yet have readily accessible as needed. And trust me I have 31 full years of those memories, which I know will last me for the entire rest of my life. Yes, in my life new memories will be made but the old ones will never die.

I ask of you to think of one little word, one that was on top of Sylvia’s list at all times. She thought of this as the most important part of life as she told it to me repeatedly. So please think of it, disseminate it, think it, talk about it, and then live it. Of course I am talking about the word “FAMILY”. I present you the word, but you guys have to give it meaning by your actual actions. I am hoping that you will find out that “family” is more than just a word in the vocabulary.

This morning I attended the 7:00 a.m. mass at St. Vincent de Paul as it was intentioned for Sylvia and as much as I like al padresito Jorge as Maryita calls him I was pretty happy that it was Father McCaffrey whom presided the mass. I thought it was only fitting.

I won’t lie to you I too miss her dearly, I miss her voice, her food, her jokes (which were few and far), her dancing, her scent, but most importantly her presence. But I have also accepted this as God’s will and I won’t question his judgment. So I made the decision to somehow have her with me every day in my thoughts, in my heart, and in my soul, this has worked for me and has kept me sane.

Sylvia and I had vowed to return to our church and to be a part of it. We initiated our bible studies, she had agreed for me to be a part of the choir and to get involved. She said she would even go back to St. Vincent de Paul. Wow, those were tough decisions for her and yet she knew it was time for us to do it. She told me she felt the importance deep in her soul. I intend to honor her by continuing what I am doing, and I invite all of you to join me. The Christian formation our church offers is not only necessary for our family but it is essential. It defines who we are in our faith in God and in Jesus Christ.

By the way the 8:00 p.m. Christmas Mass on the 24th at St. Vincent de Paul will also be for her. Those of you that can and would like to attend are cordially invited. Plus our choir will be singing so that night I will dedicate my singing to Baby Jesus and to her. Last year she made it a point to invite all of you so this year I carry her wish by doing the same.

So today as we all reflect and feel sad for her absence honor her by celebrating her life, a life that was full of great advice, of good wishes, and plenty of love towards every single one of us and imitate her to the best of your abilities. I am sure she wants her legacy to be carried on and passed to all her grand children, nephews, and nieces. Don’t miss her but carry her with you, and if you have the need to cry let them be happy tears as she is now resting next to God in a way better life, and just let her do her job from up there. As I said before so far she has made an exceptional job and I don’t foresee her stopping any time soon.

Love you all.

P.S. On her behalf have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


ChrisJ said...

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman, Jose. I hadn't forgotten. I knew it was just before Christmas. God bless you and all your family.
Family first is a good motto.
A a truly wonderful Christmas.

EsLocura said...

There is no doubt that she is beaming with love and joy at such a beautiful familia. the greatest honor of who she was, is in who all of you continue to be, unidos con amor y respeto, what a wonderful legacy. besos

Chely said...

Beautiful words, message and tribute Fide. =)

Y la vida sigue...

Wanda said...

Jose, I was thinking just a couple of days ago, that it's been a year!!

You tribute to your wonderful Sylvia is so touching and makes me feel warm all over.

You have handled this difficult year, with love and grace and family. You are in inspiration!

Love and Hugs

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