Thursday, February 17, 2011


Oh hell no! You did not just come in uninvited did you? Of course you did. You can just turn around and go out exactly the same way you came in. EXCUSE ME! Are you deaf? I said get the heck out and I mean NOW!!!

"Bzzzzzzzzzzz First let me walk up and down this here pillar and survey your window. OK I"m done but let me do it again... and again... and again." I could have sworn the bee was saying that to me.

You can just imagine how I felt sharing my personal space with a huge bee going 65 miles per hour down the freeway and having it about half a foot from my head and face. It really was too close for comfort and although I believe that if you don't bother it, it won't bother you I was just freaking out. What to do? What to do?

I remember I had my jacket in the back seat so in a swift move which my Mustang is capable of such moves I veered to the shoulder stopped, put it on neutral, set my parking brake, lowered the windows, and attempted to scare it with my jacket.

Oh crap, I totally missed and now it's going to be very mad at me. Get out I said, while trying to swat it with my jacket and all of a sudden out the window she goes. You had never seen two windows go up so fast and a car merged into traffic the way I did it.

The whole ordeal lasted about 5 minutes but might as well have been an eternity. Bees are definitely NOT welcomed as co-pilots.


Wanda said...

HaHaHaHa.... Oh my goodness Jose...what an episode!!!!

Years ago, a bee stung my son on the cheek while he was driving...his wife was in the passenger side, and when he started yelling and slapping his face with "both hands" which meant none were ont he wheel...Then Chelene grabbed the steering wheel, and Myk got control, and the bee was smashed into his cheek..Very dangerous and scary...

But the way you write you story, and the way Myk tells his story is hilarious.

Glad you came out the winner!

Jose said...

H a ha ha, I'd say we were both winnters. I was not stung and she didn't have to die. It was a big bee getting way too close to me I had to stop. People probably thought I was crazy flapping my jacket around. lol

ChrisJ said...

Oh no! A driver's worst nightmare -- especially if there are children in the car.

MrManuel said...

One of the main reasons for unexplained car accidents. Glad it wasn't too bad!

Crystal said...

I could only IMAGINE your poor face Tio hahaha

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