Monday, March 21, 2011

"Little Joe's" First Birthday Party

Here's grandpa with the baby of the hour.

Woke up early on Sunday and got ready for church, showered and got dressed only to find out that the shirt which I had carefully ironed the night before would not button up around my neck. So, instead of a shirt and tie I just took a v-neck t-shirt, ummm and I think I pulled it off cause it didn't look too bad.

I am usually done at church by 1:30 p.m. which on this particular Sunday just gave me enough time to go back home and change into something more comfortable to go the the park where my grandson Ramon was having his 1st birthday celebrated. Ummm let me add that the weather was perfect for a day at the park, no sun meant no heat, but not cold or windy or rainy at all. It was just a perfect day for a most awesome birthday party for a most awesome boy.

The music was provided by my son's Bose I-Pod docking station which sounds totally awesome. My younger daughter Nikki said she wants one and had a conversation with my son that went like this:

Nikki: Juan my birthday is coming I so want one of this.
Juan: Tell Jen, she bought this one for me
Nikki: No, I am telling you, you are my big brother
Juan: That's right and big brothers are for protecting, not buying
LOL - I wonder if I had hear the end of that conversation.

So, we went to the same park we went to last week so it was a lot of the same except this time to celebrate a birthday and of course there were many more people, so with that said I will share a bunch of the pictures I took.



Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Ramon
Happy birthday to you
and many more...

Awww here I am with two of my favorite nieces.

It's obvious that the cup cakes were a hit.

Is there any doubt the princesa loves me.

Yes, I live on Sesame Street and these three are my muppets.


Elmo: Hey, do you know what we are doing here.
Cookie Monster: I think we are the guests of honor.

And here is "Little Joe" with the guy I call "The other grandpa".

What do you mean "Which one is the cookie monster". Isn't it obvious?

Mis princesas!

Three amigos! Ehrrr I mean cousins.

Ummm I could be eating a raspado, instead I sit here looking dorky with my eyes closed.


Michelle said...

Well if my Dad hadn't forgotten the dollars I could have had a raspado! You owe me next time!

MrManuel said...

Those cupcakes are too cute! And yes, that sounds like a conversation my little sister would have with me also.

Wanda said...

Great birthday party...everyone looks so happy, and what a darling idea of cupcakes.....I want one!

Question ~ did the shirt shrink, or did the neck grow????? HaHaHa

Chely said...

LOL @ Wanda's question. =D

Chely said...

The gathering looks like it was a lot of fun. As usual. =)

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful happy family gathering! Makes me homesick for CA and our weekend gatherings. You have a beautiful family Jose!

Jose said...

@ Wanda - I gotta say the neck grew cause I am sooooo muscular. lol

Sandy said...

Ramon is a doll!!

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