Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Destiny -- The hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate.

Oh wow, the anticipation for the next road trip which is coming up this Friday is just too much. I told her not to send me back to Phoenix without hope and what did she do? Yep that was exactly what she did only to lure me back this fast. Well, I like that.

Well those of you that have been following my blog may be asking yourselves "What in the heck is he talking about?" The answer is simple L O V E is back in my life and I intend to embrace and welcome it with all my heart, my body, and my soul, as it is being sent to me from a higher place than this earth.

Just three weeks ago we had our first official date, followed by a second one the next day and a third the following day. Today both families are planning a wedding, choosing dresses, music, etc. Who in the heck are these people?

Aracely I was told to keep in contact with you, it looks like there is a bridal shower coming up, we need to hurry before she gets cold feet. We are doing our best to kick her out of the house and have her move to Arizona. Que dices?

Craziness yes, but it's all good and wonderful. Why so much commotion? Well that's because this could have happened over 30 years ago but instead God had a different plan for us. He gave us each a canvas to paint our lives on and now that our master pieces are done He has once again placed us in front of each other. I for one do not intend to ignore such a sign.

I've had such a wonderful life so far. I had the most wonderful marriage, have the most awesome kids a dad could ever ask for, 10 + 3 fantastic grand kids that light up my life, a dad and mi chica whom probably still watch over us from heaven, and a mom here that still spoils me like a baby, the support of a loving family that continues to support my decisions what ever those may be. What else can a man that apparently has everything ask for? -- Exactly!

So, as life goes on and as I continue to grow in my faith and beliefs in God I will take this one day at a time and just be the best I can be in order to keep moving forward in this my crazy yet wonderful or should I just say my wonderfully crazy life.

I am specially excited because my youger daughter along with Ducky and Laila are coming with me and that means the world to me. So now you tell me, I am right or not to be so excited about the next road trip. Yes the distance gap between us is great but trust me I will cut severely very, very, soon. Oh yes I will.



ChrisJ said...

So happy for you, Jose. As you have renewed your faith so the Lord has renewed your life and love! God bless you both and all your wonderful family. I am rejoicing too.

★Tina★ said...

Jose, this sounds great and you really should be excited about the next road trip. ❤ And Distance is just a word. ;-))

I´m happy for you my Friend. Send you lots of hugs.

EsLocura said...

how absolutely fabulous is that "love" news. Doing a happy dance for you! besos

Sandy said...

Love it! so happy for you and Abby. and the family.

I got so behind here - involved for months with the sale of the house and then move.

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