Thursday, May 05, 2011

My Weekend in Cali

On our way to La Puente.

The weekend again just not enough time but at least long enough to achieve the goals and dreams of a new beginning. The way I see it we pretty much date every night only thing is I am in Arizona and she is in California but we are making it work, thus the saying "Where there's a will there's a way".

My daughter and I got there with plenty of daylight, that was strange as we always get there when it's dark. My lil sister once again busted the kitchen utensils out and cooked us a mean fish, ummmmm good.

Then it was shower time and get ready for a night of dancing, karaoke, and fun, and since we get in celebration mood some got a little too tipsy but I'll be nice enough not to mention any names je je je.

Saturday was nice too as I got to meet her parents. Actually I had meet her dad three weeks ago but met her mom this past weekend and if I am hearing this correctly I passed the test and I think they approve, yey for me. It was her dad's birthday too so they were all busy cooking carne asada and pollo al carbon, ummmm all good and tasty, then all the wonderful side dishes and I winded up so full.

Best friends.

Sunday we were invited to yet another birthday party with more food that I could handle and drinks too. Luckily I had my designated driver whom drove the first four hours of our trip back to Phoenix.

All in all, the weekend was a total success. And it seems that for now we will have to repeat this at least once a month, I for one am willing to travel as many times as needed, but eventually we will have to narrow that gap big time.

My daughter and her cousins took advantage of the nice weather and went to the beach. Although I was still to windy and cold.

My daugher and my niece with me.


Wanda said...

Such wonderful trips, and what a special the love that shows in all your pics, Jose.

Jose said...

Aww thank you Wanda. Truth is I really have nothing but love to give and with a family like mine it comes easy. Love ya!

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