Sunday, June 05, 2011

Choir Get Together

Nuestro guitarrero!

I am having a very active social life, while I have never befriended my neighbours (11 years in my current residence and I still don't know any of them) I do have acquaintances from different groups that I have joined through the years. The "HOG" group, the "Copperstate Mustang Club", my "karaoke pals", and recently my new found "Viernes de Bohemia" family. However there's a group that is close to me and very dear to my heart and that is our church choir.

You've probably seen the videos I have posted so then you know who I have to sing with. All the girls in the choir or at least most of them call me "tio" and have adopted me as one and I for one love it.

The carnitas and buche almost ready to come out of the pan and into mhy belly.

Last night we had a little get together just to do something other than see each other at practice or at church and we celebrated with food, lots of it, and songs, lots of those too. The carne asada was scrapped in favor of carnitas and buche. Six different kinds of salsa, rice, and these awesomely tasting refried beans were the wonderful side dishes and in the end some sort of pudding/jello dessert. Yes, we did have some beers, but mostly sodas and water.

Above, our fearless chef pretended to be camera shy.
And the guys's mouths watering as the carnitas and buche was being drained from escessive oil. Oh the anticipation!

We had a fantastic time and even though this morning some of us were still paying the price from all the screaming herr I mean singing we did we said it would be nice to get together like this at least once a month.

Enjoying the awesome food and plethora of salsas.

Ummm que rico!

All I know is if you say the key word food then I'm there. Here are some images and videos of last night, enjoy... or not, it's up to you.

Maryita singing "Besame Mucho".

Trust me this is definitely NOT the way we sing at church. je je je!

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