Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekend in La Puente

Abby captured this image while almost drawning my mom in the back seat. She opened the window of the car while I was doing close to 90 miles per our. My mom screamed and we laughed for the nest half hour or so.

Weekend in La Puente for Crystal's fiesta.

My niece decided to throw a big fiesta for her 25th birthday and pretty much all of us from Phoenix drove to La Puente, California for the event. As you all may remember Abby was in Phoenix visiting and after three weeks this was her return ticket. My mom always the wise woman she is told me that I should have just kept her in Phoenix. "I don't know why you are taking her back, she was already here" were her exact words. Ummm I guess she told me.

This is Tallynna the oldest of my grandkids. We were trying hats at the truck stop in Chiriaco Summit. I like the way she came out on this picture.

So I decided to once again make a weekend out of it. So on Thursday right after work we hit the road and headed for California. This was to be a dual purpose trip as we would formally go to Abby's parents house and ask for her hand in marriage. Wait, but she already have three grown up kids and so do I, ummm well that doesn't mean that good customs need to die. It was fun and it was exciting to be able to do that, of course my sister was my spokes person but I was just happy that my mom was there for the occasion but better yet that she wanted to be there.

My sister the spokeperson and my mom.

We also got to talk to Father Ruben a friend of ours from Phoenix whom now is at St. Vincent de Paul in Los Angeles. Yep, the wheels are moving and they are moving fast... but not fast enough for me, but I will be patient.

We also got to go and have our mandatory marriage classes, it was sort of fun to be the oldest couple among all the rookie couples. Yep we stood out like a sore thumb but in a good way.

So, all in all it was a fun as well as productive weekend. We are now officially engaged.

This is my niece Crystal and the reason why we all made the trek to California on the weekend of July 9. She turned 25 and had a big family gathering. It was lots of fun.

My granddaughter Alayna, Abby, and my daughter Nikki at the party. Did I mention it was hot an humid that night. Still we had a blast.

Everyone was dancing, by the end of the night I was soaking wet.

My daughter Michelle with my nieces Alexis, Jessica, and Becca.


ChrisJ said...

Formal congratulations on the formal custom! Your niece is so beautiful. What a wonderful photograph that is, Jose So happy for you and your large family. The more there are the more the blessings.

Jose said...

Thank you so much Chris, it is an exciting time for me and I am happy to share it with you my friends. Now, to say I have a large family is an understatement. :-)

Sandy said...

Wow Jose, what have I missed. You are getting married?? A huge congrats is in store, how wonderful for you....

Jose said...

LOL Sandy you just can't walk away for too long because things happen too fast. Thanks, I am really excited about it.

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