Thursday, August 11, 2011


The countdown begins, next week at around this time (I am writing this in the AM) my sister, her husband, my mom and I will be getting ready to go to Las Vegas. It's my mom's birthday on the 16th and my sister's on the 18th and my mom has been wanting to go to Vegas. So... to celebrate my lil sis booked her time share for next weekend, where she along with Abby will meet us. Should be a great fun time and I am ready for yet another road trip. The last time I went to Vegas was about nine years ago on a 4th of July. Oh memories!


When it comes to family celebrations they are endless. Saturday my niece celebrates her daughter's fifth birthday and we will be there. Should be fun too! Kids, they grow so fast and without asking for permission. Let's celebrate!


Well I finally went out on a date with my daughter and her husband to the movies to watch The last of the Harry Potter movies. All I can say is that I am going to miss them. Even though we all now the whole story takes in a six year period which is their primary school years, the actors in the movie aged way more than a six year span and yet it felt right that none of them was re casted. When it comes to franchise movies, this is the best franchised I have watched. Of course, no date was complete without a trip to yourgartland after the movie.


Anonymous said...

Oh you're going to have fun in Vegas!!! I miss the family gatherings we had in CA. Have a great weekend.

Wanda said...

You are the "most on the go man" I know...So have a blast, and take lots of pictures of Vegas!!!!

Sandy said...

Have fun in Vegas and remembers - what happens - stays there, okay...but you can share with us blogger friends.

Hey, you've inspired me to watch all the movies of HP. I only saw the first one - totally enjoyed it, but I don't often watch movies.

I just got BluRay and can order Netflix through it - I can catch up on all the movies I always wanted to see.

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