Thursday, September 15, 2011


Looking forward to this upcoming weekend I will be getting a very special visitor from California. *Wink, wink* Heard my lil sis is taggin' along as well so that right there is a double treat. What's not a treat is that on Sunday I will be turning 52 years old. Boo! Birthdays can slow down starting right now. Slow them down please! Lot's going on so I have no idea what we will accomplish but I think going out dancing is in the agenda. A treat for my visitors will be temperatures below 100 degrees, yey they should appreciate that very much.


So, last Tuesday I was getting ready to go out to lunch when a trucking company rep showed up and then winded up staying here just talking for well over an hour. Since by the time he left it was too late for me to eat as I didn't want to spoil my appetite for my mom's home cooked meal I decided to go wash my car instead. It was very hot and very sunny so it seemed like an awesome idea since my car really needed to be washed. I came back to work in as if by magic within the next 30 minutes the sky went from clear and sunny to dark and cloudy. By the time I left it started to sprinkle, by the time I got to my mom's it had rained. Let's say my car went from dirty to clean to dirty in just 60 minutes.


If you still haven't visited my new blog or subscribed to it now is a good time to do it. Just CLICK HERE and go do it, don't think about it, what are you waiting for? I have not been able to start taking pictures but I have been recycling some of my favorites and I have also added a few new ones. So, don't be shy and come and visit.


Singing at mass tonight. Last Thursday our priest sorta came into the room where we practice and "asked" if we could sing today's mass. Ha, ha, his asking is more like see you guys (at least some of us) in mass next Thursday. So tonight we sing and then we also have our scheduled practice for Sunday's mass. I really enjoy singing with the choir even though my niece constantly tells me "Tio you have to sing louder".


Wanda said...

Happy Birthday Jose....52, you're just a child. The best is yet to come, and I speak from experience bing old enough to be your mother...70 this year.

ChrisJ said...

Happy Birthday, Jose-- and have a great weekend! And I'm older than Wanda!

amy said...

Ive mised reading your blog friend!

Chely said...

I did not "tag along", I was abducted!!! - lol

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