Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why I Hate Shopping

Woke up and decided I would not waste my Saturday just sitting at home doing nada so after I enjoyed my morning coffee, surfed the net a little bit, and took a nice long shower I headed out on a 28 mile round trip of my neighbourhood.

First stop West Valley Vision where I bought this super expensive glasses that keep falling apart. I lost one of the little plastic nose thingies about three weeks ago and today I am finally getting it replaced... or not, it would have help for me to know that on Saturday they close at 12:30 p.m. so me getting there a little bit past 1:00 p.m. was not going to get this accomplished. Oh well, what the heck I will wait another week, luckily this glasses are so light that it doesn't imprint the metal into my nose. Well, on to stop number two, Target.

Target is where I usually get my underwear, socks, muscle shirts etc. So I go to the one in Litchfield since I am on that side of town anyway. What I like about Target stores is that they all have the same configuration and they are easy to navigate. Ha, they had a surprise in store for me. They are changing the whole store configuration so trying to find anything there was a challenge and a quest.

Still, I located the socks, briefs, and shirts I needed and then I asked out of curiosity where was the shoe department. Oh it's on the other side past the ladies clothes in front of the infant stuff. Oh thanks I will find them, ha! I did but they only had one style of the tennis shoes I like. So much for variety, before I get in a bad mood I am just going to pay for this and hit my next target (get it I said target but obviously not another Target store. My shopping experience there, well not so good today.

Well I need to clear my mind before I hit my next stop and I knew just the perfect way to do that. Go to a motorcycle dealership and browse, mount every bike I like, pretend I am rich enough to get me one of each and have them delivered to my garage. Yey, success... at least in the dreaming part. lol

Left the dealership and headed towards Old Avondale, I am getting hungry and there are a couple of restaurants there that I like, so I stopped a couple of times took some pictures, thought about the food, and then my fiance texts me and suggest that I have a hamburger because she has been craving one since Friday and won't eat in the name of having a fantastic figure (Which I am happy to attest, she does). So there are hamburgers and then there are Smash Burgers. Ummmm yummy!

I get to Smash Burger and opt for the very tasty Arizona Smashburger complete with abanero cheese, guacamole, jalapeno pepper slices and their very tasty fries. Hey, at least my eating experience was a nice one, thanks honey for suggesting it. Love ya! lol

On a full stomach now I can go walk the food off at Walmart, there is only one Walmart I like and that is the one by my house on Camelback Ave. I go in grab a cart start going isle by aisle picking only those items that I needed and that were on my mental list, 45 minutes later I am ready to leave but decide to go check out the clothes. I found some blue jeans I liked in my size and a nice polo shirt, how awesome now I have an outfit for church tomorrow... Wrong!

I was looking for a magazine so I parked my cart and went real quick to check the magazine rack, I walked an isle here and and isle there but couldn't find the darn rack so I said forget it let's just go home. So I headed to where I parked my cart with all the stuff I had picked except guess what? I found the cart parked exactly where I left it but all the stuff I was buying was gone, gone with the wind. I guess they wanted to hold my stuff for ransom but I was not going to pay so after wasting a little bit over an hour in the store I had to walk up empty handed. I was not about to go look for all the items again. My shopping experience there, not so good.

Well, I have an extra AMC theater movie ticked, why don't I go by myself and watch Saving Private Perez. So I check the times and basically find out that it doesn't matter what time it is, they do not have that movie in their movie roster. My movie watching experience, not so good.

So now I am here at home resting from going all over town sharing with you my faithful readers the why's I hate going shopping. Shopping and Jose mix... not so good. Hey at least I did grab the underwear which I almost left at Target since I was going to Walmart.


Anonymous said...

Jose.... At least it's good you got out and around :)

Lucky Lady said...


Jose said...

Betty - Yes it was, I did enjoyed it.

Lucky Lady - Yes I am ma'am very much engaged. And loving it. :-)

Sandy said...

Hahaha, not laughing at you but laughing at how familiar (except if you were to replace women items instead of men's)...the scenario was as I read it. I have often times left the cart full of stuff and walked out of a store for various reasons - one time was a woman who let a child (4 or 5 years) scream at the top of their lungs for the whole thirty minutes I was shopping)....

anyway, fun post and didn't go well but you still have that lady with the fantastic figure and you got the hamburger....ha...

Jose said...

Ha ha, Thanks Sandy, I did have that delicious hamburger, oh and that lady with the fantastic figure is coming to visit me next week for my birthday. Ah, life is good and God is great. :-)

Wanda said...

What a fun fun post Jose. I just love following you around. Great pictures too.

Fun reading all the comments too.

Chely said...

Ay, ay, ay Fide ~ You crack me up!

Here I am. It's 2:30 a.m. and I'm laughing so hard I had to put my hand on my mouth, so I wouldn't wake my tenants up!

You are hilarious. =p

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