Thursday, December 08, 2011

Lancaster Trip

So I left at a good time, but not as early as I wanted, after gassing up and running some errands I finally hit the road. As I said to my son shortly after boarding his truck I was looking for the wire to pull and make the air horns work. I am so used to both my Mustangs being so low to the ground that even his regular not so tall Silverado felt sky high to me.

My son's Silverado, not too bad a truck, and yes it fit him just fine.

Not being to familiar with his truck I decided to take it easy on the speed and the gas, so I kept it at a legal speed. I had a soda before I left so right away my bladder started to talk to me and to ask me to stop. The first rest stop is by the Palo Verde nuclear plant, and right before I got there I notice a strange cloud formation that went up and then had a 90 degree angle bend. Upon further inspection I noticed it was some sort of a steam cloud coming out of the plant.

This cloud started on the ground and went up into the sky.

I stopped in Quartzite to fill the gas tank again but proceeded right away. When I got to Chirico Summit to get me a coffee I noticed a bunch of new things I could photograph that I had not seen before. These place never runs out of thing to take pictures off and before I knew it over half an hour had passed. That was my last stop before getting to Lancaster but it took me forever to get there. Nevertheless, the trip was very nice, the truck is really comfortable and my reliable phone's GPS app once again proved to be extremely reliable.

Scenes from Chiriaco Summit.

It was nice visiting Abby in her own turf as we had always met either at my sister's or her mom's in La Puente. We had a good time shopping late and falling asleep watching movies, as well as in cleaning out the storage rental unit she had. Mission accomplished in this trip to Lancaster.

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