Saturday, February 04, 2012

Choirboy Anniversary.

The first mass in the month of February of 2010 was my introduction to the church choir, so this coming Sunday will be the first mass of February this year so it will mark my second anniversary as a choir boy.

To tell you the truth I wasn't sure I was going to last, I always thought it was too big a commitment and that I was going to tire soon but it has been the total opposite, the more I felt comfortable singing to the Lord the more I wanted it. Often we are asked to cover one of the other masses as well and to me it's always a pleasure. I didn't realize how important it was to be a part of the ministry.

Ours is not the greatest choir but we really are doing our best and it shows as many stop by after mass just to let us know how much they enjoyed and appreciated our efforts. Of course the girls in the choir have shown lots of discipline as they really pay attention and learn their songs. Together we have come a long way in these past to years.

As many members come and go the little core group remains, recently we had two mother and daughter additions to the team and they are proving to be awesome, although they have a lot to learn they are doing it with joy and that too is showing.

This is the first solo I did, I think I lost about a gallon of body water I was sweating so much from being nervous. It's gotten a lot easier now but I still get nervous.

I for one am happy to have achieved two years with them and I am truly looking forward to my third year. As always I am looking for your support as it still gets me nervous sometimes, specially if my sister gives me a solo. Yeah, I still get the sweaty palms and the stage shock feeling, but in the end the joy and fulfilment are greater.

I really like this song. Thanks to my wonderful niece cause she stood there with me and actually backed me up a bit.

Letania de Adviento.

The vast majority of the songs we sing are published in Flor y Canto II from OCP Publications.


Betty F said...

Beautiful!!!! I loved them all! You rock

Jose said...

LOL - Thans Betty! I really enjoy it.

ChrisJ said...

Way to go Jose! Congratulations on the 2 years. Keep on going!

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