Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Hunger Games

So while I was in California I finished reading Timeline, I really liked the book which is a typical Michael Crichton story. It had adventure, action, and some romance but not much, it was mostly a race against time to save their professor from a parallel world in the past during the medieval time in France.

I didn't realize a movie based on this novel was released back on 2003 so I went searching for the trailers on Youtube and it looks good even though I can already tell they did some major changes for the screen play. Still I think it will be a good watch if I can only get the movie. Since Blockbuster closed its doors in my neighborhood it is hard to find general titles now and as you all know Red Box is very limited when it comes to older movies.

So far this year I have read:

The Broker by John Grisham
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
In The Name of Honor by Richard North Patterson
Timeline by Michael Crichton

I am reading:
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The new book I am reading comes highly recommended by my daughter Nichole whom made me read the entire Harry Potter and Twilight sagas.

The Hunger Games is the first of three books and the movie will be released at the end of this month so hopefully we will get to watch it on the big screen.

I went to the library looking for it but they had a huge waiting list for the few copies they have available so I put a note on FaceBook for someone, anyone to send them my way. Luckily my nephew whom only lives five minutes away from me had all three and I now have them here with me and have already started on the first one.

I can already tell they are very easy to read so I figure it will take me about a week each since I only read at night unlike my daughter Nichole whom can probably read this type of books in two sittings.

What's on your reading list? Have you read any of the ones I’ve read?

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