Monday, March 19, 2012

Super Heroes Birthday Party!

For Diego and Ramon.

Can somebody explain to me how this happens? How is it that in one more year Diego will hit the double digits and Ramon is already two? How did that happen? I know it's cliche but I could start this post with "Wasn't it just yesterday...?" The fact is that last Saturday we celebrated just that, Diego's ninth birthday and Ramon's second.

To see them grow is nothing short of wonderful, it's like each time I see them I see changes. They are just getting too old too fast and that only means one thing, that I am becoming a dinosaur of sorts.

My daughter Michelle has the best ideas for parties and this was no exception. They erected a metropolis in their dining room and every so often the buildings started falling but on this particular occasion no one feared the danger as the house was filled with super heroes.

Here, Super Grandpa leaped from the hot dog machine to hold this falling high rise building, I think one of the many batmen in attendance knocked it in error but Super Grandpa's sharp reflexes prevailed and saved the building placing it back in place.

It was like the super hero convention at the Duckworth's abode. Batman, Captain America, Superman, Bat girls, Super girls, and many other heroes made the party and fun was had by all, specially the mini heroes which were running and jumping all over.

Batman, Superman, and Captain America.

Batgirl and an older Captain America.

Birthday boy Ramon with his super daddy.

I think you just have to appreciate who you are and hopefully they can see what a superhero is about. ~ Lucy Liu

As you can see, super heroes come in many sizes and shapes.

As always, we had a blast. The food was delicious, the super nachos were the BOMB!, the hot dogs had a POW! once all the toppings were in place, and the PUNCH! well it was refreshing. I even had me a care package which I gladly ate the following day. Ummm que rico!

Well, in a couple of weeks Ariele and Atalie will have their birthday party and I heard it through a very reliable source that Ariele a.k.a. Rapunzel will be hosting a formal party. I guess if you are invited to a ball it has to be formal, and in our household with so many princes and princesses around formal attire will be required. Oh and Ariele says that when the tea is served our pinkys have to be sticking up.


Tara said...

I can't believe how fast the kids are growing! Looks like you all had a great time!

Jose said...

Too fast Tara. And yes, we did have a super time. lol

Tara said...


Chely said...

Creo que me divierto mas en las fiestas, viendolas con tus ojos. =)

Chely said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jose said...

I am the unofficial candid photographer. I love taking candid pictures, posting them and then hearing their complaints. lol

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