Monday, November 12, 2012

NASCAR - Advocare 500

The post said to first register to win, second to write a post as to why I like NASCAR, and third to upload a favorite NASCAR related picture of mine, and it was a that point that I said that the prize which consisted of a 4-pack of NASCAR tickets for Sunday's race was mine. Well, at least that's what I told myself.

So I did, I followed the motions and did as they instructed and then for the next four days I kept checking my facebook and my phone for texts as I was just waiting for the good news that I was the winner... But nothing. Then Thursday night as we got to our church choir practice I received a voice mail, funny thing is I never heard my phone ring and it said: "Congratulations Jose you have just been selected the winner of the 4-pack NASCAR tickets and if you call this number tomorrow we will instruct you on how to get them".
I just kinda laughed when I told Abby cause I had been waiting for that call all week as if I was certain I would get it.

My daughter Nikki is a pro at winning contests and immeadiately she sent me a text congratulating me for the win. When I suggested that maybe now it was time for me to start buying lotto tickets she said: "Trust me dad, I have done it and it doesn't work". Talk about a harsh way to burst my bubble. Well, I can't no longer say I never win anything right!

So, we recruited a couple of awesome kids to fill the other two seats, Diego and Loyiel Jr. a.k.a. "Ducky" were only too happy to come with us. So after picking them up we headed to P.I.R. which fortunately is only a few minutes away from the house. Being that NASCAR is attended by thousands of people streets get closed and traffic gets re-routed but I know the shorcuts. He he he!

Ah! Victory is mine... not the bike though.

We got there a bit late so we missed a lot of the exhibits and stuff but we did get to see the F-16s fly over and the fireworks. The seats were right before turn #1 but we were only the third row from the bottom and the view wasn't the best, when the cars passed in front of us they were just a blur and if we turned our heads to the right to see them go they were already dissapearing on turn one.

Nevertheless, we had an awesome time, the kids really enjoyed it and we got to go RV hopping too, so at least that was fun.

Oh yes! It was loud and the kids had ear plugs and fingers in their ears.

All in all, Abby and i  had another fun and succesful outing, this time with two of the g-kids.


Paul Mashburn said...

So cool you got to go! Charlotte was my only time.

Jose said...

Oh have been lucky Paul. I have been to the club houses three times, the grand stands twice, sat at the roof, been to the inside of the track, the pits, and to the garages. It's lots of fun.

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