Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Where did Advent go?

OK, it is getting closer now and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Of course the stores began the season this year as soon as Halloween passed but the Christmas Season has actually not even started yet. One thing many people forget is that December 25th is the first day of Christmas and the Christmas season continues for 40 days until Candle mass, yet on December 26th you see the Christmas trees aligned on the street ready to be picked up by the trash collectors.

I remember when I was a kid living in Mexico we never had a Christmas tree at our house but I do remember my aunt putting up a very elaborate Nativity set every single year. She always told me that this should be done on Christmas Eve but she cheated and on December 16th the first day of the “Posadas” she would put it up, then kept it until at least January 6th the day of the Three Wise Men.

These days we start celebrating Christmas too early and don’t pay attention to Advent (I for one love the Christmas Season and want to extend it as long as I can and I too have become a culprit in this practice), but let me remind you that the season of Advent is one of preparation for us to receive Christmas and should not be ignored.

Again, my wish for you is that no matter how you all decide to participate in this wonderful holiday may you all have the best and the most joyous Christmas season and that peace, love, and family unity is the main focus as we all remember and celebrate Baby Jesus’ birth.


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Anonymous said...

Love the photos Joe
Hope you and Abby had a wonderful Christmas!

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