Friday, March 22, 2013

It The Cars Could Talk...

One, two, three, four, five six, seven, eight, nine, tenting, eleventing, twelvting, thirteen... Oh heck who's counting anymore, it's just that since I started working I must have driven close to a thousand cars,  I've driven big trucks, little cars, and everything in between, automatics and standards, some clean, and some very clean, some dirty, and some very dirty, and even a couple that OMG and then after that no comment.

Once my lil sister told me that she couldn't understand why some of us love our cars so much, she said that to her it was just a vehicle meant to transport her from point A to Point B, yet driving the customer's cars at the dealership is like tapping into other people's memories.

For instance, this guy has been there two or three times and he has pictures of his kids covering his dashboard, it is funny how I don't remember a particular car until I get in and seat and then all of a sudden it hits me that I have already driven that car and have seen those pictures of the smiling kids.

There is this woman that has taken her six month old Challenger about five or six times always stating that she sees bubbles in the paint, that her custom wheel makes a noise, that her engine is not clean enough, that the cleaning machine we used put new scratches in the pain and so on. So... the other day,  the dealership offered to buy her out of her car. The car stayed at the dealership overnight while she saw other new Challengers but the next day I saw her drive away in her own black Challenger. Then just yesterday, she came back again with a new complain. I came to the conclusion that she just loves visiting the dealership's service area and likes for everyone to admire her shinny black car.

Then there is the guy that had a nice late model truck, when services are performed at the dealership we offer a complimentary car wash, so the other day I customer came to pick his truck up and I went to get it for him. The truck looked nice and shinny but when I opened the door I was surprised to see that it was very dirty but it smell good, OK let me rephrase that "It smelled good" as there must have been over thirty air fresheners hanging from his car's parking brake and turn signal handle.

Another customer came in the other day and I saw that the invoice total for services rendered was close to $700.00, I made a comment that I would be upset if I brought my car in to be fixed and my wallet left $700.00 in the hole. The advisor replied, "Oh there was nothing wrong with the car, everything we did was preventive maintenance.  Hummm and to think I have owned my Mustang 13 years now and only twice I have had my brakes changed, and oil changes maybe once a year.

Every car tells me a story during that one minute I am driving it from the service drive to the back lot.

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