Sunday, June 25, 2006

Vane's Baby Shower


My beautiful niece is having her second baby and to celebrate my sister gave her a baby shower. The purpose of the shower is to get presents for the baby but just last week they traveled to California because the family from her Dad’s side also gave her a baby shower and I think she got more presents than the baby will need for a whole year. So with that in mind we once again will use the excuse just to have a nice warm family gathering. It seems to me we have become really good at that.

Once upon a time, baby showers were a “girls only” affair but now it has become common for us guys to attend and even participate on the games and activities that take place, I’m really good at guessing the size of a pregnant woman’s belly, but don’t write to me and flood my email to ask me how I do it because I won’t reveal my secret, all I can tell you is that is works all the time. Another activity I love during baby showers is eating, there is always plenty of food to go around and yes I’m really good at that too.

So I leave you with a cool quote that I found on the internet:

Frank and Vane are expecting a baby,
A new bundle of joy:
A very special gift,
Be it a girl or a boy!


Michelle said...

You are very good at that game... you guessed mine and Sandra's! Let see you use your trick to try and guess Julie's!!! LOL

Vane said...

Thank you for the beautiful part Tio! Lately I'm feeling bigger and bigger... so the beautiful thing really makes my day. I love the blog and yes i think Emma has enough things to last her for a whole year!

Marya said...

We do make an excuse just to get together. I love you tio!

Sylvia said...

No reason is needed for us to get together as a familia!! Just ask anyone and they will say "it's tuesday let's have cafesito" lol...

Baby showers are a good reason. We still have more to come since our family keeps growing!!

Jose said...

Michelle, accept it I am that good and I'll prove it.
Vane you are beautiful and hurry up we want to see Emma already.
Marya aren't we do for a karaoke party.
Y como mi chica dice,baby showers are a good reason to get together, well Julie is next.

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