Saturday, August 05, 2006

This is a Test!

This is a test of the Joe Cool broadcasting system. My daugther Nikki has designed this prototype template for me and we are just giving it a try. My old posts read kinda funny with all kinds of symbols which in turn make it a little hard to read, however I hope that the new posts come out OK.

Anyway what I'm asking from you out there or at least to you my regular friends that come and visit is to let me know your opinion on the template. Hopefuly based on your input my daughter will be able to make some changes and or scratch this one and start a new one.

This concludes the test of the Joe Cool's new blog template, if this would have been a real emergency I would have pay someone to do it for me, but thankfully my daughter is smart enough to play with these templates and I know she will come out with something nice and exciting for me as well as for you to see.

In advance thanks for your comments in pro or con of this template.


doctor chip said...

got shtein?

very nice template, Jose!
now, it's gettin' fun, eh!?

ps just voted for ya.




Bex said...

WOW! She's GREAT! She needs to go into business designing templates for ya! This is AWESOME!!

Crystal said...

The template is very nice! It's a shame it does not agree with my 800 x 600 screen, but then again none of Nichole's layouts ever do.

The only thing I am not fond of is the way it looks when reading the comments. I guess the words are just too big in my opinion

Suzi said...

The template looks great! Nice goin' Joe Cool's daughter!

Chely said...

Nice template. I think it'd be a bit more personalized if instead of the yellow Mustang you'd put your actual car. Or is the yellow one on your "Wish List"?

I first viewed you new template on Crystal's computer and it didn't give it any justice. Crystal's computer is set to where the screen is very little and a big part of the design gets cut off. Now I'm viewing it on my laptop and, what a difference!

Tell Nikki that she'd gonna have to give me some Photoshop pointers.


TLR said...

Nice Blog Jose, it just keeps getting better and better. Now that I don't have to get my class room ready for the new year, I hope to be blogging more. I haven't seen you much over at slim's...I miss your comments!

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