Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday Night

The darn weekend just swoshed over our heads and in no time we have to be ready for another work week, seems to me that's all we do. Too much work and not enough play, that's just the way our cards have been dealt.

But wait some hope is in the immediate horizon, mi chica and I will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary in October but to celebrate we planned a four day cruise with our kids. This will definitely be the highlight of the year as not only our kids are coming but their spouces too, my mom, my sister, her husband and their daughter, my sister that lives in California and her three dauthers, and maybe one or two more stowaways. So the tally is that about 17 of us will go on the cruise.

To say we are excited is an understatement, mi chica and I took a three day cruise three years ago and it was a blast, I kept wishing our son and two daughters were with us and now it seems that the wish will become a reality.

It's fun to see the girls think about clothes and such, while us guys just stay behind and let them do everything, mi chica bought me clothes for the cruise that have been hanging in the closet since March, it seems that pretty soon they'll be coming out to see the light of day. From Hawaiian shirts to Polo shirts and my youthful shorts (mi chica thinks I'm not buying shorts that are appropiate to my age i.e. cargo shorts). It's not that I'm living in denial but hey you are only as old as you feel and I feel pretty darn young.

Now if I could only lose an inch or two around my waist and grow six little humps over my stomach area I'll be styling while wearing my Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts. But I gave that dream up since I turned 30, my father in law told me once that after you hit 30 it would be very hard to get rid of the big belly, I thought we was lying... he wasn't.

So a few more weeks and we will be taking the trip but in the meantime the anticipation continues to build, and the daily routine kicks in again and oh yeah I have to work again tomorrow. So let me bid adeu and wish you all a good nite.


Chely said...

NOTE: I was completing my timecard from work (that needs to be done by Monday morning) and I checked out your Blog real quick and saw your lates post.

California Stow-a-ways:
My mother-in-law (to keep my mom company), Getsy my niece & Conrad my Son-in-law (Crystal's new beau).

Yeap! Anticipation is building.
But as you can see by the time that it is now, I'm going to sleep.

Good night!

K said...

J'aime la croisière ! Apprécier et l'anniversaire heureux !

Bex said...

How FUN! And what's crazy is that we're doing the EXACT SAME THING next year for our 5th Anniversary (we have 20 more years to catch ya!), and our Brother and Sis in Law's 25th Anniv! I can't wait.

Good...I'll see how yours goes, and then know what to do!

And the belly thing..yeah...try "birthin'" 3 kids and see what it does to your belly! I've had "rolls" since 1988 ! LOL

Chely said...

Ok, Fide - Sorry to use this space but I figured you'd get my message.

I've posted!

Jose said...

Chely - That's why I said a couple of stowaways because I wasn't sure. My mom and your mother-in-law should have a great time.

k - Merci - merci - merci.

Bex - I'll keep you posted and share some pics with you if you want.

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