Thursday, November 02, 2006


These are two of my five grandchildren (Diego and Alayna). I want to remember this picture for a long time because eventually these two will be fighting all the time... Well I hope not, but you know how brothers and sisters are.
Picture taken by Michelle


Gina said...

Aww how adorable!

Elena said...

La foto es preciosa y refleja la inocencia de los ninos.

Los hermanos se pelean mucho, (te acuerdas?) pero es indudable que el amor entre hermanos no termina nunca.

love ya

jan said...

Strife between brother and sister is good. It prepares people to face the adult world. And as far as the children are concerned it annoys the hell out of adults, which they love to do.

bozette said...

OMG How cute.

Biker Betty said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the vote. Your two grandkids sure are cute. I'm lucky that my two sons hardly ever fight and the eldest is now off to college. Those two are pretty close.

Have a great day.

MrManuel said...

Cute! But they will deny this picture is real in about 5 years!

Chely said...

The picture is adoooorable!

However, I couldn't help thinking of the big deal emphasized at the "Brotherly Kiss" shared by Angelina Jolie and her brother the night she won her Oscar.

Some of us who are very close see this as a tender moment. It is unfortunate that many people have prejudices on this kind of expression. But then again, it is hard to explain.

Tell that to Vicente Fernandez and his (hunk of a son) Alejandro Fernandez.

MrManuel said...

To Chely - You know of Vincente Fernandez? I'm related to him. He's actually my dad's uncle. Pretty cool to say I am related to someone famous. We call him Tio Cente.

Chely said...

To mrmanuel:

NO WAAAAAYYYY! Realy? It's so cool to know that.

Does that mean that if I start "buttering you up" I can hope for Tickets?

F.Y.I. - My lovely mother-in-law is a "Hard Core Chente Fan". She listens to him religiously at noon at her favorite L.A. Radio Station.

Thanks for bringing a smile to my day:)


Nikki said...

1. Yeah you and my tia would know of the "annoying little sister" phase huh dad? lol

2. Thats pretty freaken awesome to be able to say you're related to someone famous!

One day you'll be able to say your youngest daughter is famous kay Dad?

Angie said...

I posted about brother/sister love today, too. :)

That photo is so adorable! I wish I had had a brother.

EC said...

Too precious for words!

bozette said...

I will for sure let you know if or when I come there. I want to meet up with you. Oh and I need to meet up with Luna also maybe make it all together.

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