Monday, November 27, 2006

Soapbox Jury

I have used site reviewers in the past because it gives me an idea of what to add to my blog, what to take off, what's working and what's not. In all honesty I don't take the review to heart because only I know what goes through my head and that's how I write it, and if some of you out there read it too then I'm happy.

If it wasn't because my blog got frogged I wouldn't have added the missing profile which took a vacation when my daughter gave me the new template. Another suggestion I used was the one of making the links bold, for some reason when I link a word it shrinks so by bolding the font it becomes easier to read.

That said, my co-pilot of the week is "Soapbox Jury" and what they do is just that, review blogs for free. To quote their header "Random reviews relevant to you! No nonsense views on different websites, products, services and ideas. The truth is the truth whether whispered or shouted."

I don't know how many reviewers there are but I know of two: Tom & Sam. And they will cover your blog's organization, navigation and functionality, and will even touch on the subject of advertising. The will give you their comments and a rating on a scale of 10. They will say who reviewed your blog and all this for free, all they ask is that if your review is published you link to Soapbox Jury in return.

So be a good friend and click on their thumbnail, and if you so desire put your blog in the list to be reviewed.


Mushy said...

Jose...did you mean to link the Soapbox Jury box? If so, it didn't work. Thought you would want to know.

Could be I missed it.

Becky said...

Yeah...what she said above.

You are a brave soul to put yours on their voluntarily. I'd be scared. Then again, I change my template WAY too often. I had mine reviewed on time by someone I DID NOT ask to volunteer, and they ripped me apart. I was humiliated. To my credit, I had lots of people defend me, but still.

Good luck, and congrats on 25peeps! I see you found my friend "Chickie" on there! You two are almost neck and neck!

Anonymous said...

UGH...I hate bad grammar...that 2nd line should say "on THERE voluntarily!"....I meant to say "their site" but left it out. Ugh.

Mike said...

Yeah, Jose - you didn't link to that site. Come the end of BE week we'll not be able to find it.
Why don't ya submit this for review? ;) They reviewed me and gave constructive comments.

Jose said...

Mushy - I didn't realize the picture could be clickable. No I did not intend for it to be a link because what I want is for the thumbnail on the sidebar to be the one clicked. Thanks for the heads up.

Becky - I have only had mine reviewd once and I did integrate their input into my blog. I think it made it more complete. As for 25peeps, I can't believe I'm still there, I haven't check today but if I am keep clicking on my thumbnail and have your friends do the same. Gracias!

Anonymous said...

I'll check them out. Also, on my way to click at 25 peeps. Thanks for bearing with me.

Mary said...

Clicky're int he 2nd row is am....wohooooo! Keep on rockin em guy.

me again said...

lol OKay Becky bad my case spelling and typing must be catching..I'm a freak for doing it right too. So here's what it should've read like:

Clickety're in the 2nd row this a.m. Wohooooo! Keep on rockin em guy.

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