Sunday, April 29, 2007

If My Being Mexican Upsets You...

So today I read a post in another blog that made me go uhmmmm!
So instead of making it a debate, I just thought I vent a little here.

So check this out. Next week you all know that we have a very special celebration, my daughter is getting married and you can count on a lot of guests coming, not only locally from Phoenix but our California relatives will probably make the trek to be here for such an important occasion.

Lots of planning has gone into this celebration and in contrast to her "Quinceañera" party just about six years ago where "mi chica" and I spent over $15,000.00, this one is on their own.

So they will be married at Saguaro Park here in Glendale, Arizona but for the reception no hall was rented, luckily my sister's house in Phoenix has a beautiful backyard that already has seen two "Quiceañera" celebrations and my daughter's will be the first of two weddings in May.

One thing you can be sure is that we will be loud, we will dance, we will drink, we will have fun, and we will be tagged by one or two uncooperative neighbors as "drunken loud bean eating Tejano dancing non-English speaking, off key singing SOBs" but that still won't make a difference to us, as I said in a previous comment to a fellow blogger. "I am who I am and for that I do not apologise".

So check this out, if you are in the elite group of Caucasian guests to come to our celebration, then you know that you will be safe with us, because even when we are drunk we are still cool people, full of feelings and ideas and traditions that will continue to be carried out, and for that day you'll be one of us drinking the same tequila, and eating the same "frijoles" con salsa y tortillas and dancing to our Norteño music.

And if all we could afford is a cheap off key singing tejano band, then so be it, we will dance just the same.

I don't expect for the stereotypes to end, that's what gives America such diversity but it still amuses me to hear some people be offensive when they talk about another race.

I am as Mexican as they come, I look it and I don't hide it, and yet when I ride with my bros on our Harleys and we are going to the different runs we attend to, they treat me as an equal, and yet bikers have a bad reputation, go figure. Just goes to show you that name calling for the sake of name calling is old news.

As a friend of mine used to say "You can call me anything you want, just don't call me when you need money".


Tara said...

Hi Jose! People can be so oblivious to culture. I am truly happy that you posted this...but I am so sad I will not be partying down with you all because it sounds to be like a fabulous time!

PS...saw your comment on my interview post...feel free to interview me if you have a question you would like answered :)

Mushy said...

I don't apolgize for all the ignorant "crackers" in the world (well the US), because there seems to be no hope.

I just thank God I love all his creations in all the various forms. My momma taught me to look at person from the inside out and not to start with their skin or customs.

I also thank God that I can count you as a friend. You have made my life much happier since we met!

Sure wish I could down some shots with you and your family - have just one more for me!

EC said...

I think like Mush says - we all have some sort of stereotype against us. But, I will say this. Reading your blog to the point I feel like I sort of "know" you, it has changed my feelings in a big way.

You have to understand, I live in city that has a very large population of Mexicans. I had never experienced that before (like I never knew one Mexican person ever) and I admit, I was WAY thrown off at first. I had certain feelings about how they acted, and spoke and so forth.

However, over time, I just realized that they aren't just hanging out in large groups in the parking lot, drinking beer and being loud... they are enjoying time with their family and friends, which I had never really considered. It just so happens they have a larger family!

So, it has come to my attention that I did have some preconceived notions about Mexicans in general, and I think that is why our world is the way it is. If everyone would get over their preconceived notions then they would realize everyone is pretty much all the same!

Battlerocker said...

"You can call me anything you want, just don't call me when you need money"

I like that. As for this other blogger, well, I would not want to write the words I need to describe him without permission.

Enjoy the wedding!

bozette said...

People shouldn't look at a person on the outside.
The world would be a better place if people would start looking at people on the inside. What is in that persons heart.
Not what color or nationality.
It shouldn't matter what your nationality is.
No wonder why this world is going to Hell in a hand basket.
Jose Always remember I love you for who you are on the inside.
I didn't know you were Mexican.
It doesn't matter.

Jose said...

tara - I think I know you a little more now, so I know what you are saying and where you stand on this type of issues. And yes, we are sure it will a little emotional and a lot of fun.

mushy - I also thank God that I can count you as a friend. You have made my life much happier since we met!

Likewise my friend, it seems to me we were raised with the same values and I have noticed so many similarities between you and I.

At the party I will most definitely drink one for you.

Salud amigo!

EC - Like everything, we can be scary at times. And we are loud, Mexican men will always make lots of noise when a girl passes by and will say all kinds of things that could come off as rude, from whistling to flirtatious comments, we call them "piropos" (don't ask me to translate) again, part of our culture, innapropiate yes, but innofensive too.

On the other hand, when you befriend a Mexican family, you will see a totally different side to us.

So am I your only Mexican friend so far?

battlerocker - You know from previous posts how we party, so you can rest asured that we will enjoy it to the max.

As always thanks for the good wishes, I am trully lucky to be your friend.

bozette - Indeed another great friend of mine, I love you too.
I'm still waiting for you to come to Arizona. Be sure and let me know when you are in town.

EC said...

You are my only Mexican friend so far, yes. But that is largely because I'm a mom and I hang out with only mom friends, and I haven't gotten a chance to meet any Mexican women yet, but I hope I do!

Mel said...

I didnt realize you were Mexican when I first started reading your blog. We have a large population here also, its just part of our culture now and I love it, the large families and the love. The only issue I have is the langauage, because I dont speak it so I feel at a disadvantage sometimes.

I wish I could come to your family celebrations LOL :)

Heartless Lass said...

I do hope that when you're having your party, you keep in mind that at 2am there may be small children to sleep in the rooms that are just on the other side of that "fence" that you're bumping and grinding on.

Also, if you have folks who end up staying the night, it would be a good idea to keep them from pissing on your neighbor's feet in the morning.

I'm just sayin'.

Jose said...

EC - I'm honored then.

mel - I see how you can feel like that, when I first came in to the US I couldn't understand anybody and if didn't feel pretty at all, actually it does feel pretty damn ugly.

I too wish all of you my friends would come and party with me, we for sure would have a great time.

heartless lass - we will keep that in mind, but we have scheduled the party to end by midnight, and since it's my sister's house we won't stick around to make more noise.

As for the fool at your fence, yeah, that was uncalled for, I would have probably kicked his ass, unless he was way bigger than I am (which isn't hard since I'm short)in which case he could probably kick mine, so we'll just leave it at "asshole will get his" in due time.

amy said...

Just a reminder the scavenger hunt starts in the morning

The Rock Chick said...

HI Jose,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Been looking through yours and wow--lots of great reads!! Congrats on your daughter's wedding. You must be so excited. I say party the neighborhood down! We should all celebrate the wonderful things in life as much as we can!!!$15,000 on a quinceanera! I've been to 4 of them and I know they are elaborate, I guess I just never put a price tag with the whole event.

Congrats to you, your daughter and your whole family again!!!

Jessica The Rock Chick

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