Thursday, May 17, 2007

Queen Without a Crown

As much as I would like to talk about American Idol, today I am speechless. I kind of expected it though. If Sanjaya lasted as long as he did, it was obvious that the best singer for the second year in a row was to be eliminated prematurely.

The only consolation I have is that Jordin made it, at home we jumped up and down when we heard she advanced, but the joy ended when Melinda received the news that she was eliminated.

And as we move on to next week, the anticipation is just not there for me.


Chely said...

Well, I am TV-less righ now so, I was not able to watch last nights broadcast.

However, when I turned on the radio this morning on KLVE, they were all agreeing that Melinda should NOT have been eliminated.

I thought, "WHAT?????!!!!!!" But then quickly realized that, as you've said it before, the producers have their stragy. We ALL KNOW that Melinda is the BEST. She will probably sign a great contract soon (or might have already done so) and so they had to make it "Exciting" (quote-unquote) for the teeny boppers.

After all, they need to sell records.

I agree with you, next week's competition would have been very exciting with both Melinda & Jordin (the way it was for me with Ruben & Clay). I vote is defenitly for Jordin at this point, but I was looking forward to the "SHOW-DOWN" between them.

Boooo for American Idol:(

Chad Oneil said...

For a quite some time, I had been hoping for a Jordin/Melinda final, since both first and second place really "win" anyway ;)

But, a few weeks ago, Blake started making his presence known more. This week, I was hoping Jordin would make, but had aleady excepted the possibility of an "upset" for Melinda. I know she'll still be successful and I am still looking forward to the final. It's rare that they have a final where I'm actually excited to see what "both" contestants are going to do.

Joe, Thanks for stopping by my blog as well, you're always welcome there.

EC said...

I agree that it was shocking... and what is worse is what you said in your comment to me - if Melinda can get kicked off before Blake, can Jordin lose to him? Perish the thought!!

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