Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Friday's Outing

So, we left for West Covina at around 3:00 p.m. on Friday. My daughter and sister in law left at least two hours ahead of us. When we called them the first time they were by Blythe, we were just leaving Quartzite so we knew then that we were only about 45 minutes behind them.

We continued to drive and when we got to Cabazon (Right outside of Palm Springs) we caught up with them. They got off to take pictures with the life size dinosaurs that have been living there for quite a long time now. Some of you may recognize them from the movie "Pee Wee's Big Adventure".

After swapping some passengers and now two vehicles strong we continued with our trip. I drove the first two hours but normally "mi chica" is the designated driver, so I sat in the back seat enjoying a movie, this time I watched "Tokyo Drift" from the Fast and the Furious series. It was a good movie to watch while on the road.

We finally got to my brother in laws house at abut 9:00 p.m. We had planned to go with my sister to a restaurant called "Casa Cabral" for karaoke so we immediately called her and told her to be ready. So in a few minutes I was escorted by "mi chica", my two daughters, and sisters in law and headed for the restaurant.

There is something we must do more than once when we visit and that is to go to this small taco place called "Rambo's Tacos", trust me they have some of the best tasting tacos around, of course my brother in law and family don't care much for them but then again they live a block away from the place. We life some 425 miles away so yeap, it usually Rambo's Tacos all weekend long, we looooooove it.

So with a few minutes delay and a full stomach we finally headed for City of Commerce and Casa Cabral. We got there at around 10:30 p.m. immediately after they announced we were there, yeah they were waiting for us and greeted us very nicely. After a couple of voice tuners a.k.a. Bud lights I put my name down for a song. "Loco" by Alejandro Fernandez was the song of choice, I think I did great based on the clap meter and standing ovation that I received, OK it was either that or the Bud lights made me hallucinate. But hey when Alejandro sings in his concerts bras start flying and landing on the stage, so what does Alejandro have that I don't other than charm, a great voice, and lots of money.

I was about to leave the stage, shaking legs and all when the MC held me and said, since you came from so far we won't make you wait, here sing another song. I was just too happy to comply with my newly found fans. This time I chose a Jose Jose tune, not onlyis he my "tocayo" (meaning we have the same name) but I can really sing his songs, Jose Jose is one of the best crooners Mexico has, now he is old and with no voice but we still love him.

We drank some more and danced a good portion of the night, my sister in law was so tired (after dancing about two songs) she said she was going to be in pain and unable to lift her arms past her chest the next morning. Cunis, can we say out of shape?

"Mi chica" also had a funny story from our outing, but since it's her story I'll let her blog about it... What? -- Hell will freeze over before she blogs! Well then, so much for that story.

Two of my most loyal fans: My sister Chely, and "Mi Chica"
It's obvious I can only bring smiles to their lovely faces.


Squirrel said...

What?! People actually like and watch the Too Fast Too Furious movies?! Just kidding! Sounds like you guys had a fab time!

EC said...

Sounds like a fabulous time as usual!! I can't wait to see pictures :) Too bad you had to leave your fans behind, lol.

Elena said...

Yeeeeeeey, otra, otra, otra, (clapping my hands).

Me la perdi, hay sera para la proxima.

Love ya.

Michelle said...

I love that picture that I took of my Tia and Mommy looking at you all adoringly. They are big fans! And the sopes... can't forget to mention the sopes... some of us don't like the tacos as much.

Mushy said...

Damn, you really are cool!

I just don't have nerve enough to be cool.

Chely said...

Hey! Why didn't you include a detailed account of all the dancing we did on Saturday at the Quinceanera and the great food your little sister whipped up for you guys on Sunday?

Oh, I get it! These will be blogs all on their own:)

Looking forward to them! (Hint, hint:)

EC said...

Ok, I give you big props, because I could never stand there and sing, lol. You all looked like you were having great fun!! Loved the dinosaurs too!

Webmiztris said...

man, I wish we had some audio of your karaoke to go along with this post....or better yet, video footage! :)

MrManuel said...

I love the dinosaurs. Would love to see them someday after seeing them in Pee Wee and the Wizard.

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