Wednesday, June 06, 2007


And yet one more celebration. This time we will be going to California for my niece's "Quinceanera". As you may or may not know for us a "Quinceanera" is just as elaborate as a wedding. My niece will have the party at a pretty fancy place called "Quiet Cannon Restaurant" in Montebello.

We intend to leave for L.A. right after work on Friday afternoon, it's only a 5-hour drive so we should be there early. The plan is to get there early enough to go to a place my sister goes to karaoke, I hear it's pretty fun so we decided to give it a shot.

Because where I work we deal with schools and government and because the end of this month is end of fiscal year for them I can't take any days off, so we will have to go and come back real quick, but we are becoming expert at these type of flash trips.

Something about road trips that just relaxes me, oh and "mi chica" is normally the designated driver so I just sit in the back seat and maybe catch a movie or two. Our trips are pretty much routine, we already know where we will stop and where we will gas up. We like to make the most out of the outing.

Hopefully I will have some pictures to share with you when I come back.


Mel said...

We have also become experts at the flash trip thing. I have one coming up next week. Have fun and be safe!

EC said...

I want to be part of your family!! You all party A LOT! :-)

Have a great time!!

Webmiztris said...

my husband's birthday is today so the whole family is going to Wing and Sing karaoke should be fun.

have a safe trip!

squirrel said...

I want to hear more about what this celebration is for. You have my curiosity up. I think i'll go Google now!

squirrel said...

Ahhh cool. It's like a Sweet Sixteen party but it's celebrated at the age of 15. But then YOU already knew that! LOL

Elena said...

Que se diviertan mucho, y cantete una en mi honor en tu kareoke thing.

I love you.

Manejen con cuidado, los esperamos pronto.


Chely said...

Well, I'm setting up the gang to wait for you guys at "Casa Cabral". I hope you realy relax in that back seat because, a drink or two, karaokeing and a little bit of dancing awaits for you on Friday night.

Then, on to more dancing and eating at your niece's Quinceanera!

Too bad you don't have any days off because you will need a vacation to relax after this trip!

Looking forward to having you guys over:)

Drive Safely!

Tara said...

I am the same way about road trips even if I am the driver. There is something so relaxing about the open road.

Have a safe trip! Can't wait to see the pictures!

MrManuel said...

As mich as you are in California, have you considered moving there?

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