Monday, July 02, 2007

Mexico Here I Come

This past weekend we had another successful trip to Los Angeles; we celebrated my niece's 18th birthday as well as her High School graduation. What better way to celebrate than to rent a bouncy for the kids, and the kids at heart, and to have some "carne asada" and some cervezas. Ummmm cervezas!

Leaving on Friday afternoon and coming back on Sunday afternoon, made it for another "flash" trip, but we are becoming pros at maximizing the time we have while we are there.

I'm hoping that all this acquired experience transfers to my upcoming trip to Mexico City. My mom has been wanting to go and she decided to pay for my sister's and my airfares. We will be there for two weeks, during that time we plan to visit relatives that I have not seen in over 30 years. We will be going from one place to the other mostly small poor rural areas where my mom was born. This is a vacation for us but we won't be going to conventional vacation spots. This is going to be more of a "remember this is where you came from" kind of trip.

So we will be leaving on Sunday the 8th at 9:30 a.m. That means that for two whole weeks I won't be bugging you, but I really hope to come back with some interesting stories and even better yet many, many interesting pictures.

So as the anticipation mounts, and the emotions give us goose bumps, I will start packing and making sure that I take everything I need to take. One item that will be coming with me for sure is my lap top computer; I need it handy to document some of the highlights of the trip and to download all the pictures as I take them.

Without a doubt, this trip will be the highlight of the year, and I already had some very important events happen this year including my son’s and my daughter’s respective weddings.


EC said...

We will sure miss you - but it sounds as if you have an exciting trip planned!!

Maryita said...

AHHH!!! just a few more days tio! im soo excited. We are going to have a blast especially because you are going. Love you!

Webmiztris said...

gosh, you guys get around! sounds like fun. :) i hope you have a great time in Mexico City!

Anonymous said...

J. que se te olvide todo menos la camara y sus respectivas tarjetitas oh y los cables para cargarla y....
Yo estoy emocionada por ti creo que lo que vas a ver para nada es lo que dejaste cuando eras el chiquillo que se vino a EEUU.
Creo que en este viaje vas a tener la oportunidad de escribir no un blog sino todo un libro.
Aqui te esperamos para conocer tus aventuras y felicidades porque al fin te decidiste a darte la vuelta por Nuestro Querido Mexico.

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