Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is a very special day because my mom reached her 75th birthday. To say she is excited is an understatement. Last night she was telling me that she never thought she would reach such a milestone.

Well, my mom is still here and is the axis of our family unity. I have mentioned before that my dad and mom came to the US in hopes that they would give us a better life that what we could have had in Mexico. It all started as the two of them here, leaving us all behind in Mexico until one by one they brought us all here.

Well, the days of just the two of them are long gone, the family grew, and grew, and grew to what it is today. On any given major occasion there can be as many as a hundred of us, and it is thanks to them that our whole family is united.

My father passed three years ago but I know tonight he'll be with us to celebrate my mom's birthday.

Looking forward, I know my mom will continue on her journey just as God has it planned for her. Hers is a story of success and good examples as to how life should be lived. However we all know how easy it is for her to also be abrasive and how easy it is for her to argue. Oh yes, she will argue until you give in or at least pretend to give in. Her rule number one is probably the one that says "Mom is never wrong".

So I invite you to join me to congratulate her and to wish her a very happy 75th birthday.

Me and my mom on Father's Day 2006

When they all say I'm your favorite
It fills my heart with such joy
And my face displays a big grin
That they all fear it'll explode.

Who am I to be so lucky?
Why you never tell me, no.?
What has bonded us together
I don't really want to know

All I know is that in this life
I better enjoy you now
I won't leave it for tomorrow
Cause tomorrow may not come

Yes today I count my blessings
And I thank our God above
For you reached another birthday
His present for us no doubt

75 years ago
In a little country town
You started your wonderful journey
What a great life you've had

You have tought us to be noble
You have tought us to be wise
I don't know why we don't listen
But I promise I will try

Today I thank you for bringing me
Into this wonderful world
That allows me one more time
To tell you Happy Birthday dear Mom

Happy birthday mom, I love you with all my heart and soul.


Nikki said...

Abuelito will definately show is presence to her, I'm sure!

Happy Birthday little Welita!

Elena said...

Menso, tienes chillando.

Happy Birthday para mami y que Dios nos la deje otro tiempesito para seguirla cuidando.

TJ said...

Congratulations! ...and Happy Birthday :-)

Chely said...

I knew I could count on you to make me cry.

That is a beautiful poem you wrote. I hope you can either, translate it for her or prepare somenthing as touching in spanish for her to hear next week, when we officialy celebrate her 75th Surprise Birthday Party.

I will be calling her during my lunch time soon!



amy said...

What a beautiful beautiful post! Happy bday to her!

jane said...

Being with the whole family must give your mom so much happiness. I hope your mom has an exceptional birthday & there will be many more candles added to her cake.

Jose said...

nikki - I concur.

elena - tan chillona, ojala y asi sea.

tj - Thank you, on her behalf.

chely - how obout you translate it, I betcha you could.

amy - Thank you.

jane - Thank you Jane and lets hope that happens.

Mushy said...

Wonderful tribute Jose...happy birthday Jose's mom!

Mel said...

Happy birthday Joe's mom!~!

Michelle said...

Aww my little tiny Grandma! She's so little and tiny!

I too wish her a very happy birthday and I hope she has fun at the surprise party we have planned for her!

Lucky Lady said...


hard-edged said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hard-edged said...

Congratulation Joe's mom!

it is my birthday too, so Happy, happy birthday!!!


Jose said...

mushy - Thank you, glad you liked it.

mel - On her behalf, thank you.

michelle - So do we, although we had a good time last night too, we had cafesito con pan.

lucky lady - As I mentioned in my post, my mom is a big part of us being together.

hard-eged - I thank you on her behalf and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too.

MrManuel said...

Belated congrats to your mother!

mary said...

Great tribute..we are truly blessed to still have our moms..she looks like a great lady...and from all I read on your blog she's done a fab job raising you.

Happy happy birthday to you!!

Lynda said...

Feliz cumpleanos para tu madre! Or something like that.

Your mom looks so youthful, I would never have guessed her for 75! I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

Jose said...

mrmanuel & mary - Thank you, we had a good time with her last night.

lynda - Thanks for the wish, you have it right.

EC said...

That was just beautiful!!!

Happy Birthday to mom :)

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