Thursday, September 20, 2007


What's in a name

When I was a little baby my mother sent my grandpa to register me, back in the day they used to rely and do things for each other that way. So anyway, off went my grandpa only to realize that he was never told what name my mom was going to give me. (Where were cellular phones back then? Forget cell phones, regular phones were not available for everybody back then) so when he registered me he picked the name Jose, he said he looked at the calendar and that was the saint for the day. It's a good thing he wasn't a good reader because for September 18 the names are: Irene, Metodio, Ricarda and Sofia and I personally don't like any of them for me, so I am happy he chose Jose after all, so what if 75% of other Mexican males also have it.

If you asked me he just thought he would use the most popular male name in Mexico. My father's name was Fidel and I was supposed to be a junior, so when grandpa came back home he told them that from that day forth I would be Jose.

So my mom still wanted me to somehow have the name Fidel so when they baptised me they used Fidel instead and from that day on I was called Fidel or should I say Fidelito when I was at the house, everywhere else in the world I am Jose, but to my family I will always be Fidel.

Wanda invited me to participate in this meme (and you all know I don't do memes,but for Wanda I will make the exception). The meme asks what your middle name is and then to list a fact that is relevant to my life for each letter in my diddle name. Now since I don't have a middle name I will use the name Fidel.

So today my middle name is Fidel because that was supposed to be my name.

F - Would stand for "fantabulistic" even though I'm the only one that tells myself that.
I - Would stand for "interesting", only because it's been a dream of mine to be interesting because in reality I am quite dull.
D - Would stand for "Dumb". I tell mi chica all the time that I am dumb because I am saving my smarts for my old age. And her answer is always "Joe, you so dumb". Oh, wow success.
E - Would stand for "enthusiastic".
L - Would stand for "Latino". Hey Latinos del mundo, ya tu sabes.

So there, I am not taggin' anybody but if you'd like to play, you know the rules and you know what to do.


Wanda said...

Jose Fidel, that was most excellent! Thank you for making an exception for me!!! You are fantabulistic! I care what anyone else says!!
Thanks again..loved all your answers.

EC said...

Whew! Thank goodness for your grandfather!! lol - Jose suits you much better :)

Michelle said...

That's funny. I think everything you put describes you perfectly... except maybe the dumb part. LOL

Mel said...

If I had been a boy my parents planned on naming me Luther. Thank goodness I am a girl!!

I got tagged for this too, I will post mine tomorrow.

Angie said...

I don't know..I think you look more like a Sofia to me. :) hee hee

Great story, as usual, Jose.

PS I think your blog just called me a ho... my word verification is "shcxUHO." How rude. ;)

Tina said...

Great story with your name. I like the name Jose. :-)

Thanks for your comment. I am a bad friend, i did not read your blog for a while. I am busy, catch the best cold ever, and some other stuff. I will read all your entries next week. I have a question. Can you give me your email adress, so i can write you short mails. From now on i try to be more often. Haha, nice that you like my costume. And a sword, to dangerous for other people when i use it. *lol*

Elena said...

La mayoría de las veces no nos gustan los nombres que nos dan nuestros padres, pero ellos siempre tienen un motivo para hacelo así es que no nos queda mas que aceptarlo.
Tonto. ja-ja

Anonymous said...

Hey Fidel, podrias decirme en español que quiere decir el ultimo parrafo de esta historia no puedo relacionar taggin and play and you know what to do.
I love you

Jose said...

Estos juegos son como jugar al "tu las traes" alguien los inventa y tus amigos te tocan y tu tambien tienes que hacerlo. Yo casi no participo pero esta ves si lo hise pero yo no quiero escojer a nadie por eso dije que si quieren jugar ya saben como.

Anonymous said...

Gracias por la explicacion. Me gustaria que usaras el nombre de Fidel como tu segundo nombre.
Como tu sabes a mis hijos solo les puse un nombre pero Raul se encontro con tantos Raules de su edad en la escuela que el era Raul 3 y me pregunto Mama puedo usar Melo como mi segundo nombre y le conteste claro que si asi que desde entonces Raul jr. paso a ser Raul Melo Gomez.
Ya lo sabias verdad?
Te quiero tu hermana

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