Wednesday, October 31, 2007

B Movies Can Bee Fun

We, as in "mi chica" and I, must be gluttons for punishment. Yesterday she called me to let me know that my daughter in law had 28 free passes to go watch a special advance screening for the movie "Bee Movie" and like the awesome dynamic duo that we are and aided by our daughter Michelle took all (yes, you heard it correctly), all six grand kids including our 2 month old one plus a little stow away that has adopted us as his grandparents.

Even though the show was a 7:00 p.m. we left early to insure that we could all seat together, the theater was all the way in Scottsdale which is a good 25 miles from home and we were to drive during rush hour. We got there almost an hour early and made the line and we still didn't get back seats but at least we were able t
o sit together. As we took our seats this young boy of about nine or ten year old asked me if we were a "class", "These are all my grand kids" I told him, he just looked at me and said "Jeez mister".

We were all given little antennas to wear on our heads, it was kindda cute in a creepy way to see everyone at the theater wearing them, the press was there too, ready with pens and or personal recorders to prepare for their reviews. Will it be thumbs up or thumbs down? We'll just have to wait and see.

It's no secret anymore that cartoon movies are more successful than people movies nowadays and I think that this one has good potential, it's definitely cartoony enough for the kids, the graphics are great and the colors vivid, but it also has some grown up jokes that most kids won't get. Jerry Seinfeld, Renee Zellweger, Chris Rock, and the rest of the cast provide many funny moments with the dialog.

The premise of the movie is simple, a talking bee (actually bees do talk but they are forbidden to talk to humans, of course Barry brakes the rule) falls in love with a human girl named Vanessa (yeap, they do touch on interracial relationships) while at the same time sues humans for "stealing" their honey.

Our little unofficial poll told us that the kids did like the movie, and we "grown ups" but kids at heart enjoyed it too.

So on the scale from one to five, one being the lowest I give it a... who cares! Don't let me tell you weather the movie is good or bad, just grab the kiddies and haul them to the theater. I know, "B" movies are supposed to suck, but this "bee" movie has good potential.


Michelle said...

Yes the movie was cute! And Diego is still talking about it this morning!

amy said...

Glad you had fun!!!

Wanda said...

I'm sure I wil BEE seing this movie with my grandchilden soon.!
Thanks for the update!!

Elena said...

OK Me cambiaste por una movie, esta bien, espero que no se te olvide (mi, la proxima, semana.

Que bueno que les gusto la pelicula.


Oh my kids have been asking to see this movie!! It looks like it will be funny! :)

Mel said...

I cant wait to see it!

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