Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fire House Open House

My daughter had told me that the local fire department which is only about a two minute drive or five minute walk from out house was having their annual open house. We went two years ago and it is always a fun time. You get to see all their trucks and even seat on them all the while you can have the kids play games while you are also being fed some delicious hamburgers and hot dogs. There is no shortage of action, from the clown walking around taking pictures with a big spongy camera to a singing fire man singing all kinds kids songs about safety and fire awareness.

Taking pictures was a highlight for me, there was just so much to photograph there that I felt like a kid in a candy store.

A few minutes later my other daughter her husband and grandson also joined us at the fire station. They too had some tasty burgers and refreshments and then it was off to get some desert. The had plenty of ice cream, popsicles and ice cream sandwich cookies to go around.

Without a doubt one of the highlights of the outing was that Diego and Alayna got to dress as fire fighters. You should have seen Diego's smile while he was being assisted by two REAL FIREFIGHTERS. Boots, pants, jacket, head protective mask, breathing, mask and finally his helmet. He though he was BAD and enjoyed every minute of it. Alayna only got the boots and the jacket but she was like now that I'm dressed I think I'll just go. Yeah, she wanted to take the gear home with her.

First went the pants, and then followed by the boots. Look grandpa I am starting to look like a fireman.

Then the jacket, masks and helmet also made it. Look grandpa, now for real I look like a real fire fighter.

As I said, I could go on and on, sometimes the best things in life are free. They smiled so much that I believe that an amusement park would not have had the same effect. Alayna even cried when we started to leave she wanted to stay and have some more fun, but us grown up party poopers rained on their parades and brought them home.


Mel said...

I loved events like that when my kids were little! Now, not so much until I have grandchildren too :)

Chely said...

Awwww, that sounds like a lot of fun!

Were the FireMEN cute?

Did you get a chance to slide down the fire-pole?


MrManuel said...

Sounds like a good time. I did a highway patrol open house once and it was tons of fun!

Elena said...

Parese divertidisimo!!!

Jumm, yo nunca me entero de esos eventos para llevar a mis nietos.

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