Thursday, October 04, 2007

Two Out Of Three

82 degrees forested for Saturday, yey finally nice weather visits Phoenix, it won't be too long now and we'll be getting cold. Here in Phoenix fall skips us every year. For now we'll take advantage of this beautiful weather and just enjoy it.

If my motorcycle was running I would be riding to work at least twice a week, but for now it remains parked in my garage awaiting patiently for me to have the little extra money to have it serviced and ready to go. It doesn't seem it will happen anytime soon this year but hopefully soon. For now I just see those who are riding and think "lucky fools".

OK so I'm typing this post as I watch my Diamonbacks play the Cubs on the second game, now if you know anything about Phoenix teams the are known to blow a good lead on the last inning, or two minute warning, I came to the conclusion that if I watch the games they will lose so I am changing the channel and let them win in peace. I'll go back to it soon.

So, I'll take this opportunity to let you all know that my niece will be a year old this Saturday and obviously we will be going to her birthday party. It seems it was only yesterday when she came into this world and now a whole year has passed.

Checking on the baseball game,it shows one out and two more to go with runners on first and second, ummm I think I'll change it again and come back to it later.

Anybody, anytime is the new Diamondback's motto, that's all you hear this days and it seems to be working, last time I went to a baseball game not too long ago the stadium looked lonely, even at 50,000 in attendance it looked pitiful. All of a sudden a fan appear out of nowhere.

Hey, news flash the Diamonback just took the second game and will go now to the windy city to try to seal the deal there. Ever since I moved to Phoenix I adopted all the local teams and I have remained loyal (yeah, it's a little hard as they lose a lot)to them. I actually am glad when they win or when at least they beat a team I don't like.

Looking forward to a nice Friday, I will be running on a skeleton crew at work which should make my work Friday go really fast, and then we will start enjoying this great weather and the upcoming weekend.

Talk to you all later.


EC said...

Yeah, now I've seen everything... It's cooler in Arizona then it is in North Carolina!

It's going to be 90+ here tomorrow and Sunday - Bleh... Summer will never be over!!!!!!!

Go Red Sox :-)

Wanda said...

Have a great weekend Jose!! God Bless!

ANO said...

Here in Maryland it's still in the 80's and even 90's! I never thought I'd say this but I wish summer would end!

Have a nice weekend!

MrManuel said...

Skip fall? That's a bummmer. That is probably my favorite season!

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