Tuesday, October 09, 2007

No Two Blogs Are Alike

No two blogs are alike, that's why I read them all the same way. First I get busy reading and then analyzing the post contents. Some I read from top to bottom, and some I may just peruse over, and then I determine weather mine can improve based on what I read on other blogs.

The idea to improve the next post always seems to slip off my hands, it is a challenge to sit and write and hope you'll read. That's why so many of us partner with each other by swapping URLs, this way I know at least someone will read what I have written, this way I doesn't really matter weather my posts have improved or not.

Over the past year, I have seen many of you disappear and many of you that are still here have defined what your blogs are about, what I see is that there is a variety out there that keeps my brain asking for more. It won't be rare for me to wonder what someone wrote about today, some of you pick up where you left off on the last post, and some just post a plethora of posts that have nothing in common, and further more some of you have taken to write mini series while others just joke and write nonsense, and you know what, in my book it's all good.

The beauty of all this is that with some many different styles there will always be something that draws a smile or a tear, and that's what makes it all worth while, so I guess the bottom line to this post is... that there's no bottom line, I didn't know what to write about so I just started writing and this is the end result.

It doesn't matter what you write just write. I know I have at least one #1 fan... me!


Mushy said...

I think I read each of my favorites differently, because I have different expectations from past experience.

I rarely have trouble finding something to write about...because most of my post are about my past...they seem to come easily...then there's the day-to-day things...it all just flows.

I probably could post 2 or 3 times a day but force my self to every other to every 2 days. Is that wrong?

Jose said...

I am sure that head of yours is full of stories, you are one of my best reads because of the stories you write, I don't know if you are a good story teller but you are certainly a good story writer. There are times that I just can't come up with ideas for posts.

So, who sets the rules as to how many times anyone can post?

Wanda said...

Your post today is so insightful. I enjoy all the blogs I visit because they are as unique as the person posting.
I trully agree with Mushy...I have a million stories, and I'm a storyteller as was my father. I could post all day long, but with my life...I hold it down to one a day! That sounds like a Vitamin!!

Angie said...

This is an excellent post, Jose.

I so hate it when a blogger gets on their high horse and starts bashing other blogs/bloggers for how and what they write.

So glad you embrace the differences!


Anonymous said...

Mentiroso con nosotros tienes muchas fans de tus escritos que no te felicitemos por cada uno que escribes es otra cosa pero estamos pendientes todos los dias.

Anonymous said...

Estoy de acuerdo con Ade yo soy tu #1 fan mas sin embargo casi nunca hago un comentario pero, eso no quiere decir que no este siempre leyendo todo lo que escribes. Te quiero, Sylvia

Jose said...

Awwwwww! How cool is that? "mi chica" comes out and not only tells me she reads everything I write but also let's the whole world that she loves me. Now I know I'm a lucky man!

Proper answer to you baby is "No, no, no, no, no... I love you more".

Y que se entere todo el mundo.

Elena said...

Estoy emocionada por tanta declaración de amor, pero yo, al igual que los demás, siempre estoy a la espera de tu nuevo blog, no importa que no ganes el premio Nobel al mejor escritor, pero no dejes de escribir y recuerda que las cosas mas sencillas son las mas atractivas por reales y verdaderas.
Tu otra fan #1

MrManuel said...

Well said my friend, well said.

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