Thursday, October 11, 2007

What's For Dinner

Sitting here and enjoying one of my mom's home made burritos I was just reflecting on how lucky I am to have a mom and a wife that are pretty much the best cooks in my world.

See, once upon a time "mi chica" didn't know how to cook. When we were newlyweds and we lived with my mom for a little while she asked her to teach her. My mom said all you need to do is come into the kitchen when I'm here cooking and you'll see how fast you'll learn. "Mi chica" did just that and in no time she was cooking everything my mom was cooking. I do not exaggerate when I say that the student surpassed the teacher because to this day "mi chica" cooks the best meals around. For every recipe my mom gave her, she added her own little twist making it a little different thus creating a new variation of an already good tasting dish.

Cooking is one of the things that keeps my mom active these days and that's why I eat at her house three days out of the week and sometimes even on weekends. "Mi chica" too loves cooking and claims that it actually relaxes her. She can whip out some good stuff in a matter of minutes. So to say that I am in food heaven is an understatement.

I think my mom look forward to cooking for me only because there's no food she cooks that I don't like, same goes for "mi chica". Now they want to put me on a diet because I have a big belly. Yeah, right! Easier said than done.

Like in the movie "Fields of Dreams" my motto is "If you cook it, I will eat".
Thank you mi baby and thank you mom for keeping me and my belly happy.


amy said...

You are truly blessed!!!

Chely said...

Eating great tasting Home-Made meals is heavenly. However, at our age, we should now keep an eye on what we eat & the belly that tends to expand. Don't neglect this fact of life!

I agree, your "chica's" & my mom's cooking are some of the best. Unfortunately for me, I don't get to savor much of it since I'm 300 miles away. But it is definitely something I look forward to on my visits to Arizona:)


Elena said...


Tara said...

She sounds wonderful...if she ever wants to give lessons, I am available to learn! :D

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