Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NASCAR Comes to Town

We did the NASCAR thing for the third year in a row and it was a blast. Weather was a little on the hot side but we survived it. It is so amazing to me to see so many people in one place, this event really attracts thousands and thousands of fans. There's something to do or something to see everywhere.

"Mi chica" and I got there at around noon, we are so lucky to only live about 15 minutes away from PIR (Phoenix International Raceway). We got there, parked and started walking towards the race track, it took us around two hours to finally make it to our seats. Why that long? Because there is so much to see and do on the way over.

The National Anthem was being sung, I don't know how they do this but they never miss, as the performer was saying "...and the home of the brave" the four air force jets flew right above the race track, perfect coordination.

For the first time we stayed until the very end, the race ended in a two lap shoot out, there was still plenty of light when we started walking towards the parking lot but as you can imagine when thousands of people try to leave a place at the same time it will get a little crazy. Actually it was very organized, except we kept being routed to the opposite direction and our projected 15 minute drive turned into an almost two hour drive, add to this that we almost run out of gas, yeap that added some excitement.

NASCAR is obviously not for everyone, but if you go you'll have a good time no matter what. Just make sure to take some ear plugs or headsets because the cars are very loud.


Wanda said...

We have a friend in our church that is totally envolved...travels to races and loves it!!

That is amazing about the National Anthem and the jets...Wow!!

MrManuel said...

Yeah, I always wondered how they are always able to time those jets. It's amazing.

EC said...

bleh - that is one sport I just don't get.. driving around in circles for hours? no thanks! :)

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