Thursday, November 08, 2007

More tidbits.

The last three days we have been having record temperatures for this time of year. We are still well above the 90s in what seems to be an eternal summer. I am sure some of you back east are starting to experience cold temperatures, rain, and maybe even snow, but not us, no sir we live in the desert and thus get desert temperatures.

Thanksgiving is only two weeks away if anybody can believe that. Where does time go? How is it that it keeps disappearing like this, maybe you people back east can use some of that snow to "freeze" time at least a little bit.

I got my tickets for NASCAR today, it's for Saturday's race "Arizona Travel 200". The seats if they are the same as last year should be pretty good. This will be my third time attending and I know it will be a nice time. There's so much to see and do and the day will go pretty fast. I hope I don't forget the ear plugs because those babies (the cars) are loud. I expect to take lots of pictures which I will be posting in my photo blog.

Talking about photo blog, all week long I have been posting pictures from Wanda of "Brushstrokes from the Heart" if you haven't been, stop by and take a look, they are cute pictures picked by me from her wonderful blog.

How about those Country Music Awards, I watched the whole thing, I couldn't believe how bad the stars were performing and was pretty disappointed until Carrie Underwood came out and show everyone there was she has consistently won so many awards. This American Idol alumni can sing, and will do so live. But then we all knew she could sing since that's what they do at American Idol. Congratulations to her, she rocks! or should I see she yodels?

"Mi chica" on the other hand thought the whole show sucked. I was pretty happy with the winners, at least Faith Hill didn't throw a fit because she lost (was she even there?), and Martina great as she is was just a tad outperformed by Carrie.

Has anybody heard of a site called Bix?

Until the next time, later days amigos.


Chely said...

Really? The temperatures are still in the 90's? Wow! Here in L.A. these past few days have been overcast and cool.

Today I stayed home and it was one of those, "Stay-in-your-pajamas-drink-hot-cocoa-and watch-The-Latin-Grammys-on-my-couch" kind of days. I enjoyed it!!!

I hope you equaly enjoy your upcoming NASCAR visit.

I'm not into Country Music but I do like the way Carrie Underwood sings. I'm glad she is doing great.

I've checked out Wanda's Blog and her pictures. They are nice.

Tara said...

"Where does time go?" I have been asking myself that a lot recently!

Wanda said...

I felt the exact same way about the CMA awards...That Carrie saved the show for me.

Wow...I loved her on American Idol.


I'm so happy that you still read my blog. Every time you comment, it makes me smile. You're such a good friend.

How was NASCAR? Bragger! LOL

Take care!

Mushy said...

So, how was it? Who won? I didn't get to watch today...packing for my trip.

See ya.

Squirrel said...

We were at 80 degrees today. I hope it stays nice like this for Thanksgiving so we can smoke our turkey and sit outside.

Oh and no I never heard of a site called Bix. I'm off to Google it now.

Anonymous said...

I thought Carrie was great the other night but I wouldn't say she performed better than Martina. I was also happy that "Stay" won an award. That song and Jennifer's voice amazes me.

It has been pretty chilly here in NH and I know that snow is on its way...shucks!

Have a great week,

psst...what is Bix?

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