Friday, December 26, 2008

Twas the day after Christmas

Christmas has passed but the Christmas Spirit should remain with us in our hearts all year long.

Not as crazy or as hectic as in previous years but just as beautiful and warm as ever. Christmas was toned down quite a bit this year. Mostly everyone made an appearance but some decided to stay home and celebrate it with their own clan. I am stuck on traditions and would really love for my grand kids to experience Christmas as I have done in the past. Too much is said about the commercial aspect of the season but it's up to us to determine what the real meaning of Christmas is. Family and family unity is always at the top of my list, with a family as big as ours it is getting harder and harder for us all of us to be together at the same time, but it's not impossible.

One of my brother in law had to leave to California on Christmas eve as his mom has fallen ill and he wanted to spend Christmas there with her. The rest of us decided to gather at my sister's house where we had some pretty good home made tamales, along with some salads, and beans. After that there was plenty of chocolate for dessert.

We had white elephant gift exchange with only twelve of us participating. As usual it's always fun to open a gift from under the tree but in many cases it's more fun to go and steal one from somebody else. Other than that the gift giving was kept to a minimal with the kids being the only recipients.

Me, I was happy enough just to have all those I love around me. I am certainly making sure that when I grow old--er I have my family with me. I refuse to grow apart from those I love as I grow old. So this year I gave my time, my love, and myself to those that matter and in return I got the same times two. Yes, indeed, I am a lucky man and I do not take anything for granted. This is an ongoing everyday activity, that somehow acquire a whole new meaning during Christmas.

As we prepare for the new year, I vow to continue to be the same as I always am. I am very approachable and have nothing but love for all my family and friends. With mi chica by my side armed with her love and support, I am ready to start the new year and to embrace whatever it may bring. I do wish a Happy New Year to all of you, may it be prosperous and good, just keep in mind that we are the masters of our destiny and it will take us more effort than usual should things continue the way they are these days.


Elena said...

Nosotros, los que venimos de una familia pobre no nos impresiona ni nos afecta no recibir un regalo pero sin duda que la compania de la familia, su amor, eso no tiene precio y por eso lo atesoramos tanto.
Feliz Navidad otra vez.
I love you

Wanda said...

You said it well, Jose. You have your priorities right, and hopefully I do to... That's why this friendship is real and true.


Nikki said...

Hope you guys have a wonderfuk New Year as well daddy! Loyiel and I decided last new year that we'll do our own thing like Juan does. Its simply too hard when you know that both mothers (and i'm sure the rest of the fams too) but that both mothers want us with them.

I do not aim to make anyone sad, SO! I figure as long as i have my man and my kiddo, I'm good! We'll be bringing in the new year with each other in great spirits! But DO have that cell phone on you because you will get the midnight call!

Love you!

(lol and my word verification is: sesesses)


Jose said...

elena - Saves que? Creo que mientras menos tengo mas contento estoy. Ya hace mucho que no me interesa tanto lo material.

wanda - I really hope that I do. And yes, our friendship means more to me that words will ever describe.

Jose said...

nikki - You go on and receive your new year anyway you want. Just make sure it's a happy one. It's a good omen to start the year on a good note, that way happiness will follow throught out the rest of the year. I love you too and am looking forward to receiving that call.

Betty Flocken said...

Happy New Year Jose! I'm looking forward to all your 2009 posts!

Chely said...

Erin said...

Your posts are always so uplifting :-) It's such a pleasure to read about Christmas being a time of family rather than what everyone got - It just makes me so happy to see you and yours so happy :-)

Happy New Year! I wish you the very best for the coming up year!

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