Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Tidbits

They brought "Christmas Angels" and "Veteran Stars" to my place of work. I picked a "Veteran Star" and it turns out that all I had to do was buy a pair of large men's boxers. Wow, I guess although a very simple gift it's probably a needed necessity for someone. So to whom it may concern, I hope they fit. A big thanks to my daughter and her husband for going to get them for me late at night since I as usual procrastinated and waited until the last moment.

I knew that after Thanksgiving there were going to be all kinds of goodies to eat at work. I must admit I do try them but I am resisting going for seconds. Man, it's hard when there's so much good stuff coming in daily. There's been, plenty of chocolate, and some very tasty sugar cookies ummmm I really liked those. But to me my all time every year favorite is the caramel popcorn. I just can't get enough of the stuff. So today I got me a handful and walked away, otherwise I would have finished the whole container.

My 5-year old was having a conversation with probably another five year old and apparently this little kid was saying he wasn't happy with his parents. My grandson's reply was simply this and I quote: "You should be happy with the parents you got". Wow, my grandson is not only smart but he is also wise, must have take after a certain grandpa. Yeah, that's the ticket. lol

I'm already a proud grandpa, and then he comes home with a Student of the Month award.

Then my 22-year old daughter was out and about when she text me the following:

I saw something so cute in a store window today. I was gonna get it for you for Christmas but then I realized it was my reflection.

Now tell me that's not cute. I have said it before, I really am a simple man. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

This is how my Christmas season is shaping up. I am no Grinch. Christmas truly is my favorite time of the year. How is your Christmas season going?


amy said...

you definitely have a beautiful family. that would have made me smile as well

Wanda said...

She is absolutely adorable. What a daring picture. A treasure for sure.

nikki said...


1. I'm 21 mister!! Do NOT age me faster than i need to please and thank you!

lol and

2. :D You love me :D Seeing as I look like you, its not a bad text eh?


MrManuel said...

I am having a hard time with Christmas goodies. Danish Butter cookies just taste so good!

Jose said...

amy - Thank you and yes, I am blessed to have a wonderful family.

wanda - She is beautiful isn't she? This is a self portrait, she does it all the time and has become quite a pro.

nikki - You are 21 1/2 so that's almost 22. lol And yes baby I love you and I am happy that people claim you look like me. I remeber when your nina said that I couldn't deny you. lol

mrmanuel - Oh man, trust me, I too am having a hard time staying away. It's all so gooooooood.

Michelle said...

Nichole's text was funny.

Oh and it's ok if you bring home more of your goodies... we don't mind! ;)

Tara said...

"I saw something so cute in a store window today. I was gonna get it for you for Christmas but then I realized it was my reflection."

That is too cute!

Congrats to Diego for the award!!!

Jose said...

michelle - She did make me laugh. Oh, and I got some more goodies too.

tara - Thank you!

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Student of the month? Yay! That's fantastic!

Good for you on being able to pass up seconds. I am not so strong. seconds, thirds, sometimes I go back for fourths. :-P

catscratch said...

Those pictures are priceless.
And her text is awesome! I love it!

I've been lurking here, but for some reason, when I'm on my laptop, the anti-spam word doesn't come up and I can't comment because of it. :(

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