Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Idol 2009

And we are off, the first episode of American Idol auditions was last night. What's cool is that of all places they kicked it off here in my home town of Phoenix, Arizona. Now I know that the mass auditions were in Glendale at Gateway City Center where The Coyotes arena and the Cardinals stadium call it home but what they showed on TV didn't match. I think they must have been somewhere in Scottsdale or similar.

First, I wasn't sure if I was going to like having an additional judge. You know what? It didn't make a difference and it actually added balance to the sorting process, and she is not bad looking either. Second, they had a good balance of goofy auditions and the not so goofy. I have a feeling that the better singers, the ones with a real chance didn't get any air time, they save them for Hollywood week. Third, I noticed a new approach to the segment presentations, the editing was better than in previous seasons.

Last season we had Carly Smithson, she was a pretty good singer but for the life of me I just could not get past her tattoos. An Emily Hughes audition and was given a golden ticket to Hollywood. This girl has double the amount of tattoos. Me, I just won't be able to go pass her tattoos either, I say she'll be gone. As much as AI wants to break barriers the winners go on to be role models for our young viewers.

This year's version of Carly. Going to Hollywood but I ask why? But that's just me, I am sure there are millions that will love her.

Guys were weak, at least the ones they highlighted, and out of the whole 2-hour show I really only liked two people, both girls. Again, they probably have some hopefuls hiding under their sleeves and we won't see them until they get to Hollywood, but for now I'll say Arianna Afsar whom by the way reminded me of Mandy Moore, and Stevie Wright whom reminded me of Liv Tyler, both of them sounded really nice and looked like they can be made over very easily.

This is Arianna Afsar, she really did sing good, she is a possitive role model for our youth and is involved in a lot of social activities. And she kept reminding me of Mandy Moore one of my favorite your actresses.

Stevie Wright, another likeable candidate. She really did good and I hope she goes far. Doesn't she look like Liv Tyler?

So, this girl that could actually sing decided it would be to her advantage if she showed up in a bikini to the audition. I mean why not people do show up in costume and usually can't sing, but they know they may get their 5-minutes of fame if picked to be in the episode. Katrina Darrell can actually sing and she did advance to Hollywood week but as far as Simon and Randy were concerned that was secondary. Realistically she'll be cut I am almost sure but it was fun seeing her argue with Paula and Kara (notice I call her Kara as we are on a first name basis already. He, he, he). Did she really think making out with Ryan by the pool will improve her chances? It will be interesting to see how far they take her.

Simon and Randy gave her the gold ticket even before she audition. lol

Did anybody watch the show? Does anybody care anymore? Or am I the only fool left on earth that actually sits there for one or two hours watching? Let me know.


Chely said...

I watched it. Ditto.

I'm going to miss it tonight, so you better have a review for me tomorrow morning!

Jenny from the Blog said...

I recorded it for my weekend viewing pleasure!

ChrisJ said...

I caught a little of it as I was flipping through channels. I watched for about 5 minutes but I just squirm when those awful ones come on. Can't take it. I don't like Simon but I have to say he is very astute and really knows what he is talking about. I'd rather listen to him pontificating than listen to possible idols. I've actually taken to turning off the TV most nights. My tastes are very bland. Jon and Kate plus Eight, I like, which my husband hates, Animal Cops and The Dog Whisperer are about the only things I like.
Though I do like Masterpiece Theatre most of the time.

So far I've read two books this past week.

Michelle said...

I haven't watched either episode yet... hopefully they are both still saved on your DVR since I didn't put them to record on my DVR... but I don't usually watch all the auditions. After a while they bore me... But I will be glued to the tube as soon as Hollywood week starts... that's for sure!

Betty Flocken said...

I haven't watched the show yet but when I worked, I followed it through my co-workers. I like the senseless comedies on CBS and Criminal Minds.. Oh well. The comedies make me laugh so hard.

Jose said...

Chely - I'll try, it all depends if it's interesting enough.

Jenny from the Blog - It's 2 hours long times 2, it's a lot of viewing pleasure.

ChrisJ - Yeah, these first four shows are kindda dumb but sometimes very entertaining. They really don't show the best singers there, it's all about building momentum and an audience. I don't think they'll have a problem people claim they don't watch the show but they do.

My daughter watches Jon and Kate, it drime me crazy too.

Michelle - There have been some good moments and some awful ones too, typical AI audition process... I love it because I'm dumb that way. lol

Betty - I know many people never watch it but know exactly what's going on. Usually through word of mouth either at work or home.


I watched it which is a surprise because I usually only watch house but I stayed awake through the show there were some good some terrible lol

Jose said...

LUCKYLADY - Yeah, they have to show us a good balance of both otherwise it would not be entertaining. They have to be doing something right since millions of us watch it every week for two days.

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