Sunday, January 11, 2009

Go Cards!


Even though I am not a die hard football fan I have been a true Cardinal fan since we moved to Phoenix back in 1990. Basically I adopted every local team since in Los Angeles I never did like or follow the local teams. This is why I am extremely happy that this season my team has come this far.

Year after year the cards played games that were less than stellar. Nobody really had big expectations and their fan base was for the most part pretty thin. Although I know there were more like me that rooted for them no matter what. To me it was like as long as they beat the Raiders (Sorry mijo)and the Cowboys they had a good season. So this year when they started winning more than they were losing I knew it was going to be a special season for them. Just to be where they are right now has made them heroes in the eyes of many fans.

The had a huge reception at the airport as they came back from their game last week, and now us die hard Cardinal fans are thinking that anything can happen. I can only imagine, just one more win and guess where will be, that's right baby! At this point in time we can all think that there is a very good chance that we could be in the Superbowl... Errr,let me say this again --SUPERBOWL-- A dream, maybe! But this wan could very well become a reality.

So for now, congrats, kudos, thumbs up, 5 stars, CONGRATULATIONS etc. etc. etc. and GO CARDS!

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Michelle said...

I've never liked nor disliked any of our local teams. But if I go to the games or watch tv I always hope for our local team to win. It's just better that way. It does make it more exciting when the home team wins!

Jenny from the Blog said...

I'm only cheering on the Cardinals because the 49ers aren't in it. Go Cards!

catscratch said...

Should make for a very interesting Super Bowl Sunday!

Erin said...

I think they can do it!!!

MrManuel said...

My friends and I watched in shock as the Cardinals won that game Saturday night. Congrats!

Betty Flocken said...

RIGHT ON Jose!!!! I'm too excited. It was great watching the Charger game too with my son and son-in-law.... I'm a steeler fan more than a Charger Fan

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