Sunday, January 04, 2009


I am really looking forward to Monday. It will be the first day of work and after almost five days at home and great as they were I am ready to start the work year. I am going in with the "What can I do to make things better" mentality, God willing pretty soon I'll have a special interest in the company as I will be a small partner in it, I have always treated it like my own so can you imagine now.

It should be a good day since we have been holding lots of orders as the schools were all in their Christmas break but everyone comes back tomorrow. Also because we close the company between Christmas and New Year for inventory and cleanup all the trucking companies have been holding deliveries until tomorrow.

I am really hoping for a busy day and then I'm praying that the days that follow get even busier. I know that is every American worker's dream too.

So, I don't normally have resolutions but this year I am coming up with some and I hope to follow through with them. So, here they are in no particular order.

1. Have my car fixed so that I can be proud of it again.

2. Get my Harley going too. I miss the heck out of it and I'm not getting any younger.

3. Exercise more and get in shape.

4. Clean and organize the garage so that we can actually park our cars inside.

5. Tackle some home improvements.

6. Keep up with my "Joe Cool's Market Place" and share it not only with my family but with my blog family too.

7. I bow to continue both my blogs going at least for another year, as long as I have at least one reader I'm cool.

8. Keep walking during my lunch hour at least until the heat comes again and it becomes brutal to be outside.

9. Get a physical check up.

10. Just be COOL.


Chely said...

Ay Fide, I’m so excited for you! I too hope that things go the way you visualize them and they will.
Visualizing is the beginning of success.

My resolutions for 2009 are the same as last years; to organize my music library. My Music CD’s and Karaokes are all over the place!

Erin said...

Well you got #10 down for sure ;)

And what is Joe Cool's Market Place?? Share with us Jose!

Betty Flocken said...

Great news on your company! I'll hope for the best for you... You will always have at Least ONE reader.. I'd be real disappointed if you stopped!

Ade said...

Yo tambien me enojaria si dejaras de escribir ya que me encantan las ganas que le pones a todo lo que haces y esto lo haces muy bien.
Donde esta el market place de Joe Cool?
Te quiero.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Good ones! I'm gonna share no. 4 and 5 with Gomez. lol!

catscratch said...

You ARE cool!

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