Friday, January 02, 2009

Coyotes Game

Mi chica took Friday off and since I was off too we decided to spend the whole day out. It should not come as any surprise that our grandson Diego tagged along all day long. We started the day with a Mexican breakfast in one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Old Avondale. Of course Mr. Diego had to pose in the mechanical donkey staged right outside the restaurant.

With full stomachs we took on the next task, shopping. We started by going to Wally World better know as Wal-Mart, then on to COX Communications (We got as far to the door then we realized that we would lose half our day waiting so we left), then on to Costco and finally home. All in all a very productive morning.

Mi chica invited me to go with her to get her nails done, I asked her where was she going and after she told me I politely declined her invitation. An hour and and a half later she came back. Turns out at the last minute she went to a different place and she went to the one I like where I could have sat on one of those massage chairs for as long as I was waiting for her. That'll teach me to say no again.

After a busy morning a nap was in order as we needed to be rested for the Coyotes game. She got six free tickets to the game and so along with my daughter Nikki, her husband, their son "Ducky" and our grandson Diego we went to enjoy the game.

As luck would have it, we enjoyed a winning game. Hockey is such a fast paced game that for sure gets the fans going when the home team scores. From howling noises to dancing rituals Phoenix Coyotes fans are a great bunch. The best part for me was to see "Ducky" and Diego enjoy the game so much. Specially when Howler the mascot came real close to them and even wave at them.

And now introducing with the long ears and tail and a very furry skin number 96 Howler. Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Here's Howler waving to us.

Far from being a sell out game but attendance was good. There were plenty of us there to make some noise.

As we don't really know what's in store for us in the up coming months and with the economy forecasters being realistically pessimist, I want to make sure that my money stays in our neighborhood. So any chance we get to go out and do some shopping, I will keep it in the hood. The last thing we need is to see our stores keep closing. As it is we now have two voids, one where Lines 'N' Things used to be, and the other for Circuit City. I will hate to see top brand or good name stores go out but it seems that in 2009 it will be likely that will continue to happen.

As we left the game I was happy to see that Westgate City Center was very busy. This is a great place to visit if you ever make it to Phoenix. Westgate is in Glendale, Arizona and is home to the Cardinals stadium and Coyotes arena. You'll find a plethora of awesome restaurants and shops there. Before going to our car we took a couple of pics there.

(Bellow) "Ducky" and Nikki enjoying the game but quickly striking a pose for this shot.

Here are some scenes from Westgate City Center. This last image was captured by Diego, our 5-year old grandson. As we posed he actually moved us and told us where and how to stand for his shot. At five he is a sesoned pro at taking pictures.



Sounds like you guys had a fun day

Betty Flocken said...

What a great day! I love Westgate too. A lot of walking anymore but fun! Two stores are lost in Paul's center... where he works. Circuit City and Mervyns. The whole mall over here in Goodyear is basically on hold. I'm with you. Spend our money HERE... However Paul keeps telling me to STOP spending money...

Michelle Duckworth said...

I love that picture of Diego by the water at Westgate! I shall steal it from you. Looks like it was fun!

Jose said...

LUCKY LADY - We did, and Diego got to spend the whole day with us.

Betty Flocken - Westgate is really a nice place to visit. That's right our Mervin's in this side of town is also gone. We need to take care of our money but what little we can spare is better spent in our neighborhood or before we know it we'll be living in a ghost town.

Michelle Duckworth - Be my guest, he was being quite the poser.

amy said...

whaat a fun day!!! I have never had Mexican its yummy!!!

Wanda said...

You really know how to have a fun day!!! I have been wanted my husband to go with me and get a pedicure....but so far he has declined.

I see many men enjoying a massage chair and pedicure when I go in.

Love all the take such good pics, and I especially like the last one of you and your sweetie!!


MrManuel said...

Looks like a fun day. I tell ya, nothing better than starting off the day with some Mexican breakfast - preferably Chorizo con papas.

Jose said...

amy - You never had it but your assesment of "it's yummy" is 100% correct.

Wanda - I have not gone all the way into having a pedicure but I take the massage everytime. Yeah, I went shutter crazy again.

MrManuel - Chorizo con papas is good. I opeted for machaca con huevo. Ummmmm que rico!

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