Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shock The World

Not much to tell, we were in need of a quiet weekend and that is pretty much what we had. Not that it will last since we already have a plan for next weekend. Yep, it will be Super Bowl party at my sons house and I am sure there will be plenty of food involved in that shindig.

So, I call my brother in law to find out what his Football Jersey inventory is like. He sells all sort of jerseys, baseball, basketball, football etc. He right away asked me, I'm sure you are interested in the Cardinals. Ummm he must be psychic. lol Anyway his inventory is not that great as even in California he has sold most of his Cardinals jerseys. Isn't it amazing how a team can be hated one minute and loved the next. As I said before, it doesn't matter to me if you are jumping on the band wagon, you are all welcome to make as much noise as possible to root for the Cardinals next Sunday.

The catch phrase of the moment for next week is "Shock the World". I am confident the Cards will do just that comes Sunday.

Well as the Cardinal fever continues, I am just going to savor it as much as possible. I am already happy they came this far after so many years of being at the bottom. It was about time their luck and performance changed and to wake up the Phoenix fans into believing that it is possible.

We are #1 -- Goooooooo Cards!


Erin said...

Nice jersey ;) I think they can do it - Go Cardnials!!!

Wanda said...

Don't you look "cool" in your jersey!!
We are having a Super Bowl party at church. They have set up a 9'x12' projection on the wall of the super bowl. Everyone is bringing their favorite snack, chair, and at half time , hot dogs and hamburgers...
Wish you were here!

Go Cardinals~~

Nikki said...

WooO Dad! Go Cards!

oksecretsquirrel said...

You look awesome, Joe!
Everyone around here is rooting for Pittsburg but I will be secretly rooting for the Cardinals for ya!

Jose said...

Erin - Thanks, I think the can too. Go Cardinals!

Wanda - Wow! That sounds like quite a party you have planned there. We will have ours at my son's house, he is a sports nut, should be fun.

Nikki - WooO Daughter! Go Cards is right.

oksecresquirrel - Yey, a secret fun. You know we need all the fans and support we can get. Shhhh don't say it too loud, GO CARDS!

Michelle said...

Haha that comic is funny! Yay... go Cards!

Tara said...

I'm pretty confident about it :)

Betty Flocken said...

Yep! I'm new on the wagon and loving it. Got my Card's hat today!

MrManuel said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

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