Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Tube Is Not Too Active.

So, American Idol began and as usual I have been watching. Today should be the last day for the circus that are the auditions and next week the stressful Hollywood week begins. I get amused quite easy and so I enjoy the auditions even though they make no sence. We all know they only highlight a small portion of the good singers.

Knight Rider, to date I have not missed one single episode. It was said that the show is cheese and with bad acting. In case people have not noticed, the Mustang Cobra is giving us an Oscar performance... What? TV shows don't get Oscars,and cars don't get Oscars either. Bummer!

Ugly Betty, I missed all last season but picked it up again. The shows premise is the same and as far as I am concerned it is still very interesting and entertaining, too bad that it is getting the ax. I think this is the last season and it won't be renewed. Double bummer!

And my telenovela "Fuego en la Sangre" is in its last episodes. Definitely one of the best telenovelas I have watched. That's the beauty of Mexican soaps, they have a beginning, a middle, and eventually after a few months they end. Bomerito!

All my other shows are on hiatus and I will patiently continue to wait.

What is in your tube?


Nikki said...


American Idol (when i can watch it!)

Secret Life of an American Teenager

The City

and me and loyiel are dyyinnnggg for sons of anarchy to come back!

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Hey, go into your blogger settings, click on "site feed" and make sure you are allowing a feed to be published. Bossy, aren't I?

I haven't been able to catch any of AI this season. :(

Crystal said...

Ugly Betty isn't being cancelled =)

Are you kidding me. I'd die if they took this show off!

Wanda said...

Love "Burn Notice" He is so cool and love the way the story is told in narative!

The Mentalist.... He so sly!!!

NCIS ~~ most of the time.

I find most sitcoms just aren't funny to me... Guess I'm either too old or a prude!

And that's what is on my Tube!

PS Now I will start watching American Idol... Don't like the circus it begins with...Like it when it gets down to the serious talent.

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