Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nikki... Pimp My Blog!

This is my lovely and talented daughter Nikki. Once a year, in this case a little longer than that, she gives my blog a total new look. Last night she called me to tell me she had already finish with the new template and that she was ready to make it live. This is usually a high stress time for her because of all the gadgets and buttons that I have on my sidebar, she always stresses because she thinks she'll forget something.

So, she asked me to open my browser and to take a look. I am sure she was crossing her fingers hoping I would like it. She is the designer, so I give her carte blanche as long as she incorporates a Mustang and a Harley. So this time she said she wanted keep it simple and she eliminated the bike. I think I can live with it because I think the new design is super cool.

This is what most of you should see.

This is how some of you may see it. Depending on your computers resolution settings. This happens to be the way my lap top sees it.

So, I would like to hear some feed back from all my friends out there and let me know what you think? I for one am 100% satisfied and will enjoy the new look for quite a while, or at least until I can get that lovely daughter of mine to mess with it again.



Wanda said...

Jose, you new look is so cool, but your daughter Nikki ~~ is the coolest ever.... What a doll!



Jose said...

Wanda - You are making me blush here. lol But in all honesty she does take after her mother. I too think she is the coolest and puts up with me when I asker her to make all those buttons or to give me a new template.

Nikki said...

you rock :D

Erin said...

I absolutely love it!!!! Very clean and beautifully designed!!

Hey Nikki - do you do Wordpress designs? lol

Seriously Jose, I think it looks way cool - Nikki, you did an awesome job!

Jose said...

Nikki - No you rock!

Erin - I agree with you. She outdid herself even though she left the bike out. lol

Maryita said...

Tio I lovee it! Looks so cool! Good job Duckworth! =)

Lovee your Princesita!

ChrisJ said...

Very cool, Jose. The cars are so sharp on my computer it is better than digital TV!! And your cool is she?!!

Betty Flocken said...

I LOVE your new look.. I'm looking for a new look on my web site.. How much does Nikki charge?

Chad Oneil Myers said...

This new look is great!

Thanks for your latest comment, man.

Crystal said...

I love the new layout! It's less cluttered, and cleaner!

5 stars!

Nikki said...

No crystal, my dad is a "rat pack" (aka a pack rat) so the clutter will ALWAYS be there hahahaa


Jose said...

Maryita - I am glad you liked it. I owe it all to Nikki D.

ChrisJ - It is very clear isn't it? And yes, she is awesome.

Betty - She does not design them, she just tweaks them. She is afraid to do it for money but I usually convince her to play with my templates. Send her a note on
Melodrama she needs to come out and do this more.

Chad - Thanks, and thanks.

Crystal - Clutter, my blogs are always very well organized, what are you talking about little girl? lol

Nikki - A rat pack I am. lol

Tara said...

Site looks FANTASTIC Jose! :)

Elena said...

I love it.
Nikkiiiii my templet.

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