Thursday, February 05, 2009


Hello again, it's a beautiful day here in Phoenix, the sun is shinning the weather is perfect, we have clear skies and my karaoke night has been reinstated. How awesome is that? To you my friends from the east coast I'm sorry, I know you are still getting tons of snow while we are having some summer like short wearing weather. It's ironic because two weeks ago it was a little cold (for Phoenix standards)that being the reason why they cancelled karaoke for two weeks. That was two weeks too many if you ask me.

Work continues to be slow but then again what else is new. The big boss enjoys a Safari in Africa while here we pray that things pick up soon. Although he doesn't want to lay anybody off I know the thought is in his mind. Knowing him lay offs will be the very last resort, in the meantime he continues to keep us at work while demanding for all to look for new ways to get more business. It is a team effort consisting of being aggressive in sales and providing the best customer service to our customers to beat the competition.

Last Saturday mi chica and I took my sister and her husband out to dinner in celebration of their 31st wedding anniversary. We chose Romano's Macaroni Grill as I had been there once and the food was really good. We had reservations so when we got there our wait was only about 5 minutes. They had never been there and I had never been there at night, man talk about dimming the lights. If you never been there, the tables have a fabric table cloth but they put a long sheet of white paper on top of it, then they have a couple of crayons and your server starts writing on it. Starting with her name and then writing how many glasses of vino were served. Me being the artist that I am started drawing hearts with my chica's and my name in it, romantic isn't it?

We all enjoyed it very much and since I am pretty much shameless I kept taking shots with my camera. We finished the night off by stopping at my house and having coffee before saying good night.

(Sis, I know I already said this but Happy 31st Wedding Anniversary to you and Alfred. We love you guys!)


Michelle said...

Everybody looks so happy... I want to eat there. I never have. So I requested we eat there on Valentines for a date... Jr and I. Now if we can find babysitters for the night...Ahem... cough cough Dad?... then maybe we can catch a movie and dinner or something. That's if we have the money.

MrManuel said...

I think I know the manager at that place!

ChrisJ said...

Your Karaoke is back! I know that makes you happy. It's time for some more examples of your talent on video, Jose.

catscratch said...

Yay for reinstatement of the tunes!!

And YAY YAY for 31 years! CONGRATS!

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