Wednesday, February 04, 2009


A question was presented to us in my other site and it was as follows:

Ok guys and's your question of the week. It's in three parts.

Part 1. What would your dream job be?

Part 2. If you're currently not at your dream job, what is the reason you haven't pursued it?

Part 3. What are you doing to pursue your dream job, or do you ever plan to?

Please no, "i just want to win the lottery answers" cause we all know that that's not a job....and you can't win if you don't play. LOL.

It took me but a minute to formulate my answer. I thought it was a terrific question though.

The following is my answer to that question.

OK familia for me it's very simple a job is a means to support my family and to have money to do the necessary things that my life require. That said, I have now my dream job. Although this may not apply now due to the uncertainty of the times with the state of the economy and having the realization that no one, and I mean no one is safe these days but for the past 18 years I have been able to wake up go to work for 8 hours Monday through Friday only and when I leave work I can completely put it out of my mind and go home to live my life. To know that I am safe as long as I do my work has been a total security blanket all these years.

I strongly believe that there is no such thing as a dream job. While most of you think that doing what you are passionate about or what you like to do as a hobby would be a dream job, think again. Hobbies are fun because the state of mind is that you do it because you love to do it, you are free to do it, and you practice it. Once it becomes your job, the state of mind will be 100% different and I can almost guarantee you that wheat you once loved doing you'll soon want nothing to do with. You all know I am not lying.

Since I have my dream job, I just make sure I do it to the best of my abilities. I do love waking up and coming to this company that I love as it has been very good to me. I have paid my dues and now I am collecting the rewards, I wasn't smart enough to stay in school and go to college so my options are limited. But if I had to do it all over again I would probably do it the same. A dream job is any job that supplies the means to live comfortable and that can be at any economic level. And when you punch that card out it allows you to go home, have a life, and enjoy your family.

Oh and by the way, yesterday I bought a scratcher lottery ticket, it was a $2.00 one. And hour later I scratched it and found out that I was a winner. I have not buy a ticket in years and when I do a have a winner, how cool is that? So today during lunch I will go and redeem it. I won $5.00 so my profits are a whopping $3.00. I love it.

And I do wonder how others think on the subject.

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